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Beer Pong. Bar Banter. Real Rewards.

Barjutsu description

Pong your way around Pittsburgh in this hypercasual nightlife simulator! Bar hop all through the city’s exciting venues to flirt with its colorful nightlife. Make friends and score dates, or unleash Barjutsu self-defense for when the night takes an unexpected turn. Play beer pong and climb the ranks of the city’s masters on your quest for the Beer Pong Championship Belt, and earn real rewards and discounts for Sportsclips along the way!

- Fast-paced one-touch beer pong gameplay
- Tons of characters to interact with, from barflys to nightlife mavens
- Exciting venues and beer pong boards
- Play hard to win the Beer Pong Championship Belt
- Earn real rewards and discounts for Sportsclips!
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