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Balance 3D 2.6.1 apk, update on 2018-11-10
In Balance 3D game, you are to operate a ball, simultaneously keeping its balance. It is not so easy: your way runs over the clouds across narrow roads and air tunnels. React fast, don't cross the edges of the field, lest you should slide down to the chasm! Intermediate results are not saved - if you fall it will bring you to the beginning of the level.

Every new stage will bring you new challenges: steep slopes and bends, dangerous areas, barriers - there is no time for boredom. Explore the worlds as much as you like taking your time, or hold the time records. Be attentive and patient, and you will succeed in winning the game from beginning to end!

There are several types of controls available: arrows, joystick and G-sensor. While using G-Sensor for the ball stability, you should hold the device vertically, slightly sloping it ahead (30 degrees).

Balance 3D APK reviews

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Ferdie Jacinto review Ferdie Jacinto
I am right-handed so please have an option allowing me to put the D-pad to the left. Also, please ditch the arrow size adjustment's permission tostart the game automatically. Also, PLEASE PUT CHECKPOINTS ON EVERY LEVEL. Also, the physics; is the ball made of osmium? Because it's too heavy. Thank you.
Manda Bee review Manda Bee
Whoa. Just whoa. It's a lil scary, but i know i can do it! It might take me a half hr to finish a level, BUT I CAN DO IT! I KNOW I CAN!
A Google user review A Google user
I really love this game. I played it whenever I'm bored. It never fails to surprise me with every level. But I hope you update it already. I'm on level 35 now. Wishing you to update ? ? Gamer from Philippines!
Akshay Singh review Akshay Singh
Really! This game is better than racing game and others game like subway surfers and rail rush. Have wondering while playing it. It is the best exercise to learn how to balance things in real life also. So guys installed it and enjoyed it.
Rupal Verma review Rupal Verma
Graphics are alright, but the controls are awful. Tiny and in a corner of the screen, it's really hard to control the ball and it takes the fun out of the game. Improve controls and user interface, and a five star review would be possible.
A Google user review A Google user
Reach end and then die. Lv5 it's too hard why does the bridge tilt to your death? Come on! Still OK! LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEE ITTTTT Still! When are checkpoints coming??! One thing though the bridges are too small. First Lv I drop of without crossing the bridge! Please get checkpoints. Or I'm about to rage quit!
Onism Bultaoreune review Onism Bultaoreune
Somehow the graphics of this game made it feel like YOU yourself are falling. That made me really concentrate on not falling! Really nice, tho the controls r not that sensitive. Levels are challenging, the lack of checkpoints made it more harder! Still waiting for the update! Install this, it's worth it.
Ashish Mago review Ashish Mago
It is an awesome game and teaches us how to maintain balance in life's ups & downs. Graphics & 3D effects are too good. Whenever we fall of we have to restart the level. It is good. It encourages us to do better and better. In short it is an AWESOME game. Waiting for new levels................
Yogitha Bharathi review Yogitha Bharathi
At first the game was quite interesting but as the level increases it becomes boring. The levels are toooooooooooooooooooooo long. It irritates a lot when your at the finish and you fall.... It's graphic could have been much more better compared to the other games.
Alisha Sinha review Alisha Sinha
I got stuck on level 19 n I'm not getting any idea how would i cross this level. Please make them simple
Thomas Nelson review Thomas Nelson
The is no music at all, the ball is too slow, the game is not well put together, the camera angle changes when I use the directional pad which should not be a directional pad it should work like a radial toggle. The planet Jupiter has never been so boring... until now !
Martin King review Martin King
Can't get G sensor control to work on Sony Z2 ball just goes wherever it wants and joystick control is too fiddly. Looks like it could be a good game otherwise
Kunal Nadkarni review Kunal Nadkarni
I Like itbecause I have played this game in my computer and the same gameplay is on mobile. The con is that the levels are very short day end very easily. In the computer game the ball was changing Inn Rock On Inn paper but in this game only the wooden bowl is there so I just going to say that please update the game and give the update of the changing balls and come up with new levels. I just loved it
Somu Singh review Somu Singh
It is the best balancing game i have ever played. JUST AWESOME. People saying hate it are FOOLS. It has a bug. Whenever we fall of we hav to restart the level. I hav completed the game. It's just fantastic.....
sanjay sethi review sanjay sethi
Challenging but too short
I installed it 5 days back, and i've already finished it. All l wanna ask-WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ADD THE NEXT LEVELS?? I'm desperate!!! Really amazed to read other reviews -if you think and concentrate on it,ITS NOT THAT DIFFICULT AS IT MAY LOOK