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Go-to recreational property app to coordinate visits, share, maintain and host

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Backporch description

Manage and organize your recreational home and keep everyone in the loop. Simple, easy-to-use app with open communication for scheduling, planning, and management. Encourage collaborative communication, camaraderie, and stewardship for owners and involved families of recreational properties with Backporch.

Shared calendar:
* Collaborative calendar to coordinate visits across family and friends
* Tag visits as tentative or firm and open or restricted

* Share preparations and plans for projects of all sizes with chat and photos
* Stay up to date with property maintenance and know what you need before you get there

Food and Supplies:
* Group lists for groceries and supplies synced across all users
* Coordinate meal planning and who is bringing what with chat and photos
* Leave lists of things needed and photos of what’s already there for other groups

Vehicles, Equipment, and Gear:
* Make / model / serial number and specifics of vehicles and equipment always at your fingertips
* Coordinate maintenance and log repairs
* Know what parts and tools you need before you get to your property

Property How-Tos:
* Share passwords, lock combinations, and directions with guests
* View property arrival and depart instructions
Share hunting, fishing, and wildlife information
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