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Baby Care Log 1.87 apk, update on 2017-09-18
This app tracks and monitors the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your baby's growth and development. Record Bottle and Breast feeds, Baby Diapers, Baby Sleep, Breast Pumps, Growth Charts, Bathing, Medicines for your baby.
You can have records for as many babies as you want.
Our app is one of the best rated apps by careful parents like you.
Baby Lara recommends it warmly.

The only app of this kind which allows you to hide the multi-babies interface if you want!

- Multiple babies support
- Auto sync multiple devices
- Follow bottle and breast feeding
- Follow diaper changing
- Follow sleep
- Follow medicine/vitamins taking
- Follow bath events
- Follow solid food
- Follow breast pumping
- Growth measuring and percentiles
- Set and follow other events
- Widget for last events

- Configuring the details for your baby (name, date of birth, picture)
- Statistics are available for all this information, helping you follow:
- daily digest
- feed progress (diagram with average value)
- time elapsed since last event for each category
- diapers usage
- breast feeding progress
- breast pumping progress
- Alerts and notifications
- Possibility to edit or delete an event
- Easy navigation between days
- Add notes for any activity
- Customizable action bar
- Possibility to sync the log between two devices
- Backup function

- Very small size. Our app will not eat up much memory
- Very flexible and customizable. It works in landscape, but also in portrait position
- Very easy to use, almost no configurations.

Visit our site and leave us your comments, they can help us improve the app.

If you want to have the app translated in your language, see
If you help translating, you will be mentioned in the about section and can request an ad-free version of the app from eVerbum.

Baby Care Log APK reviews

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Ken Wong review Ken Wong
Blank screen
Great app but blank screen as well after todays bug fix 1.78?? Please help. Gotta track my baby's poop. You can tap events and edit menu pops up but can't see anything. Just blank (black) screen. Thx
C LANE review C LANE
Great before today's update
I LOVE this app, but after today's update the screen is completely black. I can't see anything, but can still blindly select options. If this can be resolved soon, I'd rate 5 stars. If not, I'll be forced to use a different app. I just sent you an email.
Kirsty Bowles review Kirsty Bowles
So handy! Love this app
This is such a beaut! Especially for first time moms. What a win!
tatiana L review tatiana L
won't sync with other devices
love the app, I have the free version, but when I log into my account on another phone nothing syncs even when trying several times. does the paid version solve this problem? or does the feature just not work?
Susan Witte review Susan Witte
I used to LOVE it
Starting today I just get a blank screen...yesterday I would have said to get the upgraded version and how great it is but now I lost all my your time and money...i had all my data for my babys doctor and now it is gone
Jessica D. review Jessica D.
Please fix latest update
Yesterday's update left a black screen. Please fix bc I used to love this app!
Lauralana Dunne review Lauralana Dunne
Only things lacking are a running tally for amount eaten in the run of the day (though I do enjoy the "last bottle" display) as well as a working timer for tummy time. Great app!
Anthony Welshans review Anthony Welshans
It's perfect for us! My wife and I were forgetting to keep each other updated on when our newborn ate, not to mention just forgetting what time all together. With this we each have the app and since it syncs automatically we stay on top of everything. Makes life alot easier with a newborn and a 2 year old!
Emily Royston review Emily Royston
Ive tried 5-6 other baby tracking apps and this one is by far the best. It has everything! Love it!
Erskin Cherry review Erskin Cherry
Easy to use, flexible, supports multiple babies and multi-device/person synchronization. Also units are configurable and everything is pretty intuitive. Icon is kinda so abd it's awesome.
amykwyjibo review amykwyjibo
This app has saved my life. I have a medically needy child who takes many medications, has to have a specific amount of formula and calories each day, and is polyuric. I can not tell you how fried I am from round the clock care, and how many times a doctor has asked how much he is eating, drinking, wetting, etc. I will tell you right now that without this app there is no way I could answer those questions. It has saved my life. Thank you so much for a wonderful app. I have used it since he came home from the hospital at 1 month old and I still use it all day every day at 16 months old. Awesome app!
Tammy C. review Tammy C.
UPDATE: Thank you to the developer for responding to my review. I did just as you said and now I can see the solids in the widget. I have adjusted my rating to a well deserved 5 STARS. ? Love this app. Would be 5 stars if the solids was displayed in the widget. For example I could have fed my son a bottle at 10am and then gave him peas at 2pm. The widget just displays the bottle feeding so unless my husband or babysitter opens the app they won't know I have him peas. This makes for them to assume it's pass time for him to eat. This is my only complaint.
I LOVE THIS APP! I have a baby with feeding issues and it is really helpful show the daily report to healthcare providers. I think they actually have recommended to other patients because they like it. The only thing is I don't know how to transfer the data from my old phone to a new one without losing the info from both phones. I 've been using the app since august last year in my old phone and switch phones on January 30 sync the account both I did not get the previous data. Please help.
Melzz1 Melzz2 review Melzz1 Melzz2
Just what I needed. Medication, feedings, diapering and more.... Only issue is that the notes I put in are hidden even from mw. Whenever I want to view them I have to hit edit. Not convenient.
A Google user review A Google user
As new parents we have so much in our head and we forget to keep track of small details which are very impt! This app has help greatly in reminding me on my last fed breast (left or right) and also to track my baby pee and poos!