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AVD Download Video 5.1.3 apk, update on 2020-06-05
Android Video Downloader Free is the best app to download your favorite videos!

Best video downloader to download and save shared videos and more


Instructions to download your favorite video:
1/ Use the browser to find your favorite video
2/ Click on a video link
3/ When the menu appears, select AVD
4/ You are done!

---- FAQ ----
● How can I download a video from the browser?
In the browser simply click on the video link that you wish to download. From the Action menu, select Video Downloader, and the download should start automatically. You should be able to see the download progress in the notification bar (at the top of the screen).

● Can I download YouTube?
YouTube is not supported due to recent Google's lawsuits. Downloading materials from YouTube is clearly against its terms of service.

● Where are my downloads stored ?
Downloads are automatically added to your Gallery and are stored into your "Download" directory (in this folder: /mnt/sdcard/Download). For Android 3.2 and above, downloads appears in your phone's download manager too.

★ You can also download the premium version without ads: http://bit.ly/11veDL0

Note: The downloading and viewing of video protected by copyright are prohibited and are regulated by the laws of the country where you live. We assumes no responsibility for any misuse of Video Catcher. You specifically agree to hold MBFG harmless from any liability arising out of the use or misuse of Video Downloader.

AVD Download Video APK reviews

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Pamela Tragas review Pamela Tragas
Didn't work on Nexus 5
Totally unresponsive. However, clicking on the ad works! Haha. Uninstalled and flagged.
quindalin harper review quindalin harper
Don't Press Install You Will Regret.
Babygirl 04 review Babygirl 04
Horrible when comes to wifi
tuoi le van review tuoi le van
hoth beast review hoth beast
The porn master
Exceptionally slow downloading. Too many ads. I've used many programs and this one is semi tolerable. Out of 50 programs I've downloaded in the last three days this is the only one that I found that works halfway decent and that's sad because it's not all that great
Fern Pang review Fern Pang
It works perfectly few months back was satisfied with the app as I could download almost videos from various sites. However it stopped working and it had been weeks. The app is unresponsive and often auto shut...
Raven Lam review Raven Lam
it's okay so flawed
this app is amazing in a sense that it can download a really wide array of video basically anything on the internet this thing can download it any other video couldn't for sure. but it really struggle to perform consistently. speed slow down, interrupted downlode, and stupidly random speed is very common using this app.
Mohamed Kamel review Mohamed Kamel
Download Disconnection✌
It is a great app but you must change that if the wireless network stops or refresh for just a one second the download is off and I need to redownload it all over again, so if the WiFi is disconnected and I have to redownload it make the download begin from the distance it has ended,and thank you.?
Tylor Gaudenti review Tylor Gaudenti
On a HTC One m8, app installs and loads but it is completely unresponsive I had high hopes for this app but it let me down within 30 second.
Dale Clarke review Dale Clarke
This app wants access to my location and contacts. Why? Immediately after installing it, before I tried to download anything, I received a notification stating I have 2 downloads idle. DO NOT INSTALL THIS!
time surgent 856 review time surgent 856
Meh it was ok but it doesn't support YouTube like what the hell
A Google user review A Google user
Fu.ck. y.ou f.uck you :) with love me ....the user _()_
A Google user review A Google user
The app is massively unresponsive. It requires unnecessary privileges and their privacy policy is so vague that they can do anything with your personal data. Do not recommend under any circumstances.
A-Man C review A-Man C
Does not work most of the times, pretty random performance and crashes out if downloading a video of more than 15 min length. On top of that, why does this app need your location and contact access? #FAIL.
Tiaan van wyk review Tiaan van wyk
Tried it for 5 mins trying to get 7 diffrent video clips from 2 different sites and nothing . Go flush your app down the guys mouth that coded this peace of horse dung