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Tired of having to open your SMS application to always send the same message to the same person?

You are asking your kids to send you a message when they arrived at their destination and they often forget ?

You just want to simplify your life by limiting the numbers of repetitive operations related to the creation of text messages ?

This application allows you to create a widget that you can place wherever you want and that will send a message to the people you want ( up to 4 simultaneously) at the simple touch of this widget .

A configuration screen allows you to:

1. Define the telephone numbers of the receivers ( up to 4 numbers)
2. Define the message to send
3. Select the icon of the widget

The number of widgets that you can add is unlimited

The message sent is displayed on the widget, so you can't make mistakes by sending the wrong message!

No advertising! No hassle!

Note: The free version is limited to 5 SMS per day.
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