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AppLock v3.2.8 apk, update on 2020-03-09
AppLock can lock apps, photos, videos and other private data with password lock or pattern lock. IVY AppLock is a free app lock and privacy guard to prevent intruders & snoopers from peeping at your private data, hide sensitive photos and videos by encrypting your Gallery, keep children or snoopers away from messing up your settings, deleting important things or making in-app purchase. Customize app lock settings as you want, more secure and smart to lock all privacy in one small AppLock.

AppLock can lock all android apps, including:
- Social apps: AppLock can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat and so on. No one can peep at your private chat any more.
- System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Videos, Email and so on. No one can mess up your settings for system apps.
- Android pay apps: AppLock can lock Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal and so on. No one can use your wallet to purchase any item.
- Other apps: AppLock can lock any third-party apps, including Gmail, Youtube, games and so on. Completely protect your privacy.
AppLock can lock photos and videos.
After locking gallery and video apps, no intruder can peep at your private photos and videos. No worry about privacy leakage.
AppLock provides invisible pattern lock and random keyboard. No one can peep at your password or pattern. Completely safe!

1. How to set my password at the first time?
 Open AppLock -> Draw a pattern -> Confirm pattern; or
Open AppLock -> Enter PIN code -> Confirm PIN code
Note: For android 5.0+, allow Applock to use usage access permission -> Find AppLock -> Allow usage access
2. How to change my password?
 Open AppLock -> Settings
 Reset password -> Enter new password -> Reenter password
3. What should I do if I forget the AppLock password?
At present, you can reinstall AppLock if you forget the password.

Highlights of AppLock:
★DIY Themes:
-Choose favorite themes from AppLock Theme Store, or customize themes or wallpapers with your picture, lovers photo, enjoy fun DIY.

★Intruder Selfie:
-Take photo of intruders who trying to break in your phone
-Record the time and data in AppLock for check

★Replace AppLock Icon:
-Replace AppLock icon with Alarm Clock, Weather, Calculator, Calendar and Notepad on home screen, easy to confuse snoopers and keep privacy safe.

★Lock Frequency:
-You can set AppLock to run in Always Lock/5 minutes/Until screen off mode. Customize lock frequency, more user friendly.

★Power Saving:
-Save phone power by 50% after enable power saving mode in AppLock.

★One-Tap to Enable/Disable AppLock:
-Tap the lock icon at the upper right corner on Lock App page, to enable or disable AppLock.

More features will come soon, please stay tuned, including:
-Screen Lock: Use the same AppLock password to lock phone screen, more powerful.
-Photo Vault: All locked private photos will be moved from Gallery to photo vault.
-Video Vault: All locked private videos will be moved from Gallery to video vault.
- App Disguise: Use fingerprint lock or force close to confuse intruders, more secure.
Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who want to access your phone
Fingerprint Lock stop unauthorized access
- Cleaner & speed boost: Clean junk files and boost phone speed, easily to get it done in AppLock.

AppLock uses Accessibility Service to save battery.


Join our Google+ Community, to be a volunteer tester, enjoy the latest version of AppLock in advance, and help us improve AppLock to provide much better user experience.

If you have better localization translation for AppLock and its description, or any questions and suggestions, please feel free to contact us via: [email protected]

List AppLock APK files with old version

+ AppLock version v3.2.8 (Updated: 2020-03-09 00:00:00, size: 10,090,874)
+ AppLock version v3.2.8 (Updated: 2020-02-26 00:00:00, size: 9,440,153)
+ AppLock version v3.2.7 (Updated: 2019-11-15 02:41:24, size: 9,452,353)
+ AppLock version v3.2.6 (Updated: 2019-11-01 05:05:19, size: 9,452,585)
+ AppLock version v3.2.4 (Updated: 2019-09-19 02:43:10, size: 9,465,434)
+ AppLock version v3.2.3 (Updated: 2019-08-28 22:10:42, size: 9,441,808)
+ AppLock version v3.1.8 (Updated: 2019-03-26 02:40:17, size: 8,221,714)
+ AppLock version v3.1.7 (Updated: 2019-03-11 18:12:08, size: 7,827,598)
+ AppLock version v3.1.6 (Updated: 2019-02-28 23:14:04, size: 7,825,850)
+ AppLock version v3.1.5 (Updated: 2019-02-27 12:08:32, size: 7,624,262)
+ AppLock version v3.1.3 (Updated: 2019-02-26 23:19:10, size: 7,508,022)
+ AppLock version v3.1.1 (Updated: 2019-02-20 07:38:19, size: 7,496,282)
+ AppLock version v3.0.9 (Updated: 2018-07-13 14:51:06, size: 7,201,443)
+ AppLock version v3.0.8 (Updated: 2018-06-12 15:39:59, size: 7,250,572)
+ AppLock version v3.0.7 (Updated: 2018-05-18 17:28:03, size: 7,194,237)
+ AppLock version v3.0.6 (Updated: 2018-04-18 02:43:08, size: 6,957,052)
+ AppLock version v3.0.5 (Updated: 2018-03-29 04:12:15, size: 6,765,264)
+ AppLock version v3.0.4.2 (Updated: 2018-03-21 15:07:39, size: 6,697,499)
+ AppLock version v3.0.3.9 (Updated: 2018-03-07 05:41:57, size: 6,686,440)
+ AppLock version v3.0.3.8 (Updated: 2018-01-05 23:58:01, size: 6,745,061)
+ AppLock version v3.0.3.7 (Updated: 2017-11-28 22:09:10, size: 6,744,829)
+ AppLock version v3.0.3.5 (Updated: 2017-10-13 23:27:00, size: 6,682,451)
+ AppLock version v3.0.3.3 (Updated: 2017-05-17 16:07:46, size: 6,755,420)
+ AppLock version v3.0.3.3 (Updated: 2017-03-17 12:41:54, size: 6,593,045)
+ AppLock version v2.9.3.2 (Updated: 2017-03-14 09:16:25, size: 6,634,081)
+ AppLock version v2.7.3.1 (Updated: 2017-03-11 09:14:35, size: 6,357,421)
+ AppLock version v2.7.3.1 (Updated: 2017-03-02 13:02:45, size: 6,523,909)
+ AppLock version v2.5.2.3a (Updated: 2017-02-21 07:07:51, size: 6,041,799)
+ AppLock version v2.5.2.3 (Updated: 2017-02-18 15:30:49, size: 6,041,314)
+ AppLock version v2.3.2.1 (Updated: 2017-02-15 21:11:19, size: 7,171,780)
+ AppLock version v2.3.1.2 (Updated: 2017-01-18 14:02:53, size: 4,815,592)
+ AppLock version v2.2.1.1 (Updated: 2017-01-05 13:46:39, size: 4,762,100)
+ AppLock version v2.1.12.7 (Updated: 2016-12-31 03:28:29, size: 5,266,994)
+ AppLock version v2.0.12.6 (Updated: 2016-12-24 11:18:33, size: 5,215,405)
+ AppLock version v1.9.12.5 (Updated: 2016-12-21 01:37:52, size: 4,482,095)
+ AppLock version v1.7.12.3 (Updated: 2016-12-12 05:21:47, size: 4,388,802)
+ AppLock version 1.1.3 (Updated: 2016-11-18 04:35:13, size: 3,620,571)

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Carlos Rodriquez review Carlos Rodriquez
Awesome ive been through a lot and thia app realy helps
Haseeb Pavaratty review Haseeb Pavaratty
Every thing is better. But you can easily uninstall it.
Kammal Wan review Kammal Wan
Upgrade IT
Christina Huckabee review Christina Huckabee
Keeps people out
Yashneet Jain review Yashneet Jain
nice app
love it
Tiggermit review Tiggermit
anurag sharda review anurag sharda
Patrick Englehart review Patrick Englehart
Good app helps alot
Not good
Apps seem to unlock by it self and constant need to approve to lock apps!
Medo Elsharawy review Medo Elsharawy
Nise app
Gurjinder virkk review Gurjinder virkk
Vibration ...feature missing but best applock tooo smooth
Plss add vibration to pattern lock.and more function...your applock is best in market too smooth too fast
vijay sharma review vijay sharma
Other apps open
Other applications again abd again open during work different applications... I am fadeup due to this problem. Please resolve that problem.. incase I am Able to work on my current application.
Desiree Carter review Desiree Carter
5 stars
This is one of the apps i was looking for because it is geniuse... it fakes how the app looks so people think it is a boring app!! I DEFINENTLY recomend trying this app
shakil vora review shakil vora
Very nice application