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Agent Alice 1.2.49 apk, update on 2016-03-08

Join Special Agent Alice Wallace, and dive into a whole new world of fresh hidden object puzzles, real romance and exciting adventure. Use your keen eye and quick wit to solve mysteries.

Play through beautiful scenes and challenging puzzles every episode. Live out the exciting action, spot clues and use your hidden object skill to reveal the truth behind crime, romance, relationships and even deeper mysteries.

Enjoy exciting hidden object action, including timed matching, spot the difference, and even lock picking! Have you got what it takes to track down the culprit in these incredible adventures?

● JOIN THE TEAM – Find out what Agent Alice and her team are up to in thrilling hidden object episodes.
● NEW PUZZLE STYLES – It’s not just hidden object games. You’ll have to use all your puzzling skill with matching, action and reaction games galore!
● PLAY IN BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS – Enjoy action, romance, rivalries and adventure in every episode.
● GET TRANSPORTED BACK TO THE SWINGING 60s – With the highest quality hand-drawn artwork, you’ll experience the romance and adventure of stunning locations all over the world, right at the height of their beauty.

Agent Alice is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

You may require an Internet connection to play Agent Alice and access its social features. Agent Alice may also contain advertising.

Download today and join Agent Alice in a brand-new adventure mystery!

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Kylie Garrad review Kylie Garrad
LOVE this game. Really interesting. Energy lasts, and refils quite quick. Loads of levels and the story line is good too. Would definitely reccomend, if you like this sort of game. Would give 6 stars if it were an option. Well done developers, keep up the hard work ??: Update... The nore the game goes on, the better it gets. Absolutely brilliant! Get downloading people. It so addictive. I find myself playing when ever i can. Alot better then any other similar style games.
Olga Small review Olga Small
Fun game if you like to search for hidden objects and the puzzles are simple. Purchased a new phone and the game is not transferable, contacted tech support and was told I would have to restart from the beginning. I played this game for 30 days straight to get the energy increase. I hope they fix the transfer issue and then my rating will be a five.
Monica Cutri review Monica Cutri
I highly recommend this game! Fun game for when I have an extra minute... hasn't cost me a cent because you win money in the game so I leave it to that & used the breaks as time to stop. The game recharges itself with time... I truely recommend this wonderfully plotted game so much fun & I have yet to find anything that compares - not even close! I am hoping that it's investors will come up with more games like it or even a part 2... Agent Alice & team are great & love the mystery of dreams! Great Fun!
Pa R review Pa R
I really like this game! The developers are awesome. I purchased a new phone and lost my progress in the game. I contacted them and they were able to restore my progress so I didn't have to start over. They were very responsive and I'm extremely pleased. Excellent customer service. I'd rate them a 10 if I could!! 10/6/15 what's going on with this game now? I'm waiting for a new episode and it has been stuck on 21 hours for two days??? Please fix this!!
Jennifer Frolo-Baker review Jennifer Frolo-Baker
Agent Alice is an awesome HO game with several different episodes involving "dream mirrors," which are behind various paranormal happenings all over the world. Alice & her team travel to these locations to smash the offending dream mirrors & save the day. You get 100 energy points which allow you to search 10 scenes, then you must walk away for 3 hours while your energy recharges. In-app purchases allow you to recharge more quickly if you just can't wait :) Install & enjoy!!
Diane Henke review Diane Henke
Easy and interesting. Main down is the energy levels aren't high enough to play for long. Update: I haven't been able to play for a week or so but have gone in for my daily reward ... I like this new perk! However I can't open the game today!? Just get a black screen. :( Had to delete and start over. Hopefully it won't hit the problem again. Love the new daily rewards perk!
Bobbie Cooperman review Bobbie Cooperman
Where is it and who dunnit game that is great. I was looking for a game similar to Criminal Case when I found Alice and I am so glad I came across the app and that it actually fits on my older LG G3 OPTIMUS. I need to give a great big shout out to the tech support dept. It is a First class tech service they weren't able to tell me why I was having the problem but in the end they told me how to best fix it and made sure I was able to get back to my place in the game quickly, so A GREAT BIG ? 2 U
BTwo Barrel review BTwo Barrel
I really like the game it is very fun. The story is somewhat interesting and the characters are very fun. If you enjoye playing Eye-Spy then the game play is very entertaining. The only problem I have with the game is the fact that it makes me wait to play the next levels or for my energy to load. It is still worth it to dowload it though. It's almost a good thing in makes me stop playing, od else I'd play it 24/7.
ardhitra hanifah review ardhitra hanifah
Hello, I super love this game. And other hidden object games by wooga. The qusetion is, did you delete June's Journey from playstore because I can't find it and the next chapter is unavailable. That is my number 1 fav game from wooga :( so it's so unfortunate if it's really been deleted.
Uhya Wahyu review Uhya Wahyu
I hope that i can save the game progress through Facebook. This game doesn't give you a hint or description about what is the clue or object that we must find e.g Mask (What is the mask look like?) not the hints that points to the object that we don't want to find. But anyway The graphic of the game is great and it is really responsive.
TauAlpha Rho review TauAlpha Rho
I like this game - a LOT! I would give it a five star rating, but there's a couple of things, I feel, that need improvement; such as the energy issue. I only get to play nine times before I run out of energy. Perhaps you could add several types of mini-games to help increase your energy faster.
marge forbis review marge forbis
10/8/2015 Are you going to add any more levels to this game.?? 04/2015 I love the hidden object and mystery involved in this game. I'm pretty sure this is my second rating of this game but just in case I'll do it again. This game is definitely worth playing. Have fun playing!!!!!
Dawn Cajune review Dawn Cajune
I got a new phone also. But I did contact their support dept and got most of my stuff back. But now I can't go to the next case. You know you have to wait 20 + hours. But I haven't been in the game 2 days, more than enough time right. I just opened it and now it restarted the time. I love the game but this is to much work to play since I got my new phone.
Qutub Naseeba Ansari review Qutub Naseeba Ansari
Great game. I really liked it. Tip for people who think you have to wait too much for the energy or the case to move on: Check off the cellular data and change your time or date accordingly from your cellphone settings. Once you start playing again, you can change it back to normal. This way neither your money will be wasted nor your time. :-) Be smarter than the game ;-)
John Skeats review John Skeats
I completed the entire game and mastered all levels. Somewhere along the line, however, the game apparently decided to sign me out of my Google account and didn't warn me to sign back in. It therefore didn't give me credit for the last 5 achievements. Sent feedback to the developers but got no response. I would have given it 4 stars if not for that.