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ADW.Launcher One
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ADW.Launcher One apk, update on 2016-12-31
The original ADW.Launcher, the one that changed the game and made you enjoy your home screen customization.

No device is old, ADW.Launcher 1 will make you happy again. Or.. well... at least it will make happy a TON of users liking that "holoyolo" style all over again.
You know who you are... this is for you!!!

ADW.Launcher One APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Please never discontinue this app. It is a life saver for me. I have a problem with motion sickness with new phones and this app let me mod an s7edge so it doesn't bother me at all. You can slow scrolling, remove bounce, and turn off other screen dynamics. You can also change to dark backgrounds for settings. No other launcher, including adw 2 let me mod the screen movement as much as this one. Thanks a billion guys!!
Jordan Mckee review Jordan Mckee
Never change this app again pls lol
Please keep this app exactly the way it is! This launcher is perfect clean and professional looking and very easy to customize on the fly! Sorry to hate on ADW launcher 2 so much but there wasn't a single thing about it I miss, this however as far as I'm concerned the the pinnacle of launchers. I've used this for years through several phones in conjunction with GoTrek live background and have turned many on to your launcher as a result of people being blown away as they notice how custom ADW can be lol.
Christopher Bourne review Christopher Bourne
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge user, just updated to nougat and now the app drawer doesn't work and holding the home screen no longer brings up the launcher options, had to revert back to this as the new launcher no longer allows me to put him security by app. What's going on guys, used your launcher for years but may have to look elsewhere if this can't be sorted, paid for both launcher and neither one is now worth using for me :(
Alex B review Alex B
Many thanks for publishing this as a separate version. Cheers
A Google user review A Google user
Your update deleted all of my screens, shortcuts, & the entire interface, & consequently some of my critical data, & my events for today. I'll need hours to get back to where I was. What an inconsiderate way to update, with NO WARNINGS. You've deleted whole folders of data. Unbelievable. Looking for a new launcher.
Ryan Schmidt review Ryan Schmidt
Thank god
I really hate the look and functionality of ADW 2
Spicy Fiesta review Spicy Fiesta
Ive used this for some years now, I had it on my old phone and now ive been using it on my current phone. First thing this is one stable launcher..I dont think ive ever seen it lock up in all my years. Second is the gui is just right not overdone but not ugly either. Third and most important the customization is truly amazing..I've tweaked my phone like a madman. I know adwlauncher 2 is out but this launcher is just to good to leave alone sorry..long live adwlauncher one!!
Jahmel Brown review Jahmel Brown
Best !!
Don't ever change this one,adw2 is awful..
A Google user review A Google user
I didn't like it, really old looking. Letters in app name were merged so I guess it's a mistake that needs to be fixed
Nathaniel Clark review Nathaniel Clark
I love Holo!! Thank you so much!!!!
vikash kumar review vikash kumar
Great app launcher. Using this for a long time. Is this app still maintained? Because on vivo phone I am getting crash on opening theme. Submitted the crash report also, but not heard anything back.
Leslie Mendoza review Leslie Mendoza
What is the problem???!!! I barely installed it last night and the next morning it has Crashed on me TWICE!!!??? Maybe I'll just go back to the other launcher that I had before and no other launchers have ever crashed ONCE!!! ??
Richard Nunn review Richard Nunn
Thank you so much for making this classic front end available again. Would give it 10 stars if I could! If not 100! Best app I have found. Please install it! It's essential to organize your apps! Fantastic
A Google user review A Google user
Cant apply themes. When I tap themes in ADW settings it crashes. This is the best launcher I have ever used but would be nice to change themes once in awhile.
Karrier Bag review Karrier Bag
Crashed every time I clicked themes, had to delete the app via Google play as uninstall was greyed out on app just to get my tablet to work again