9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball APK

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9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball 6.0.7 apk, update on 2016-11-09
9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball will be terminating service as of Dec. 29th. We thank everybody that played the game.

We hope to meet you again at the new MLB 9 Innings 16, fully backed with the officially license of MLB.
Download MLB 9 Innings 16:

★ June Roster Updated
★ The trades that happened in real life have been updated to the in-game lineup and pitcher rotation of each team!
★ 28 New Players Including Nomar Mazara and Zach Davies
★ New Legend and Monster Players
★ 9 Innings will keep on going!

The updates will keep coming for the 20 million fans of the 9 Innings series!

Get ready for the No. 1 baseball game on mobile! It’s back and better than ever- 9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball!

Officially licensed with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA)!

9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball is the hottest, most realistic baseball simulation game that uses the names, photos, data, and league schedules of real baseball players!

Com2uS’s very own player card system uses the photos and stats of over 1,400 baseball players across 30 teams! Enjoy dynamic graphics that will blow you away, and amazingly optimized controls that make it easy for everyone to play!

Batter up for the greatest baseball simulation game ever created TODAY!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

You can play 9 innings 2016 in English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.

5/5- “This is probably the best baseball game I’ve played on a phone.” –Ji
5/5- “Real life players, easy controls and lots of fun. Baseball fans, what are you waiting for? Download it now!” –Karan
5/5- “This game has just the right amount of interaction and a lot of options for more control. It is very addicting. I love it!” -Tim


Official licensing contract with Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA)!
- Uses real data, photos, and stats of 1,400 players on different 30 teams
- Provides latest player data and constant roster updates!
- Standard player and Monster Season players!

Unique card development system!
- More varieties in player/cheerleader/equipment cards and a new draw/combination system!
- Trade baseball cards with players from all over the world to complete your card collection!
- Exchange cards and points with friends through the in-game inbox.

Easy, fast, and realistic!
- Real graphics, smooth motions and an outstanding game engine!
- Quick gameplay through autoplay (Supports offense and defense only)
- Play against 16 teams through Friendly, League, Home Run Derby and Special modes!
- Carry out over 100 challenges and go for card and point rewards!
- Rookie players can learn the game in a cinch with the easy-to-follow tutorial!

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9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball APK reviews

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Ray Scrappy review Ray Scrappy
My favorite Baseball game
By Far the best baseball game I've ever played on my phone. Love the progression process with the players. Very Realistic. Only problem i have is every time i try a in game purchase it locks up and doesn't allow me to buy anything. PLEASE let me know why so i can buy some Legendary Players. Thanks, Ray C
Phil Menas review Phil Menas
Addictive and fun
Fun and entertaining old school baseball game with updated rosters, card market, etc. Game gets better every year. Only issue I have: i wish save data actually worked between devices. Have had to start over several times and lose a ton of coins and legit cards. Despite having a login, I've had to start over simply because I had to factory restore my phone then upgraded to a new one. What's the point of a login if it doesn't save your progress/ cards/ coins (aka real money spent on in game purchases)?
joe Mac review joe Mac
Great game but...
Love this game. The idea to have cards and be able to progress the cards is genius! Getting stars without purchases is easy do i can be competitive without spending real money. My only co mplaint (its not really lol) is that i should recieve a special bonus for getting every single quiz question right!!! Lmao. #update# the new sell cards online stole my card. I asked 5000 points for a gold upgraded barry bonds. It sold immediately and i never got my coins. Fix this now!!
swutang _ review swutang _
Sometimes frustrating but one of the best games available for free. Cant complain much. EDIT: Im literally addicted to this game. Ive been playing this game for a long time and just began to find out purchasing cards through card market and selling as well. My team is looking awesome!
Ben Arceneaux review Ben Arceneaux
Pretty good
Controls are very intuitional however the visuals are pretty bad on a larger tablet screen. They probably look fine on a phone though. Gameplay is tight, nothing ever feels forced. I have to congratulate the devs on the pitching mechanics, outstanding. First baseball game that has managed to make pitching as fun if not more fun than batting!
Marshall Wilson review Marshall Wilson
First off I love this game and it's highly addictive. It is very enjoyable and the quality it very good. I'm disappointed they're discontinuing the game after 2016 and deleting all my data. I wish I could transfer stuff over, but it looks highly unlikely. I have a Platinum Braun, Platinum Kershaw, Legend Buckholtz, Ken Griffey Jr, and lots of other good cards and it will a shame to see 3 years spent of playing it go away.
Sae Hoony review Sae Hoony
UPDATE 11/02: Please transition data to new game !
I have played 9innings for years now, but I received the notice that this game will no longer be serviced. What does that mean ? The game will no longer start ? The servers are required to start this game. Unfair.. Please find some way for us to save rosters/profile to your servers and load into the new game. Please advise.
Russell Ryan review Russell Ryan
Fun game that lets you play both offense and defense. Great way to kill time
Good game for baseball fans. You can control the offense and defense or allow the game to do so. Pick your favorite team and go. It updates with the latest rosters as the game updates cone down
Reid Scott review Reid Scott
Great game
I really like this. Only problem I have is the players not making easy catches or dives for the ball. I know in real baseball things like that happen but these are routine plays.
Darrell Duffie review Darrell Duffie
Loved it
This game is amazing...The tutorial was great which made it easier to learn how to play offence and defence. It's the best baseball game I've played
Felix Tse review Felix Tse
When do you plan on roster update????
Bobby Doolittle review Bobby Doolittle
Ryan J. Beaulieu review Ryan J. Beaulieu
Best Baseball Game
I've played nearly every baseball game and overall this is definitely the best game. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, real players, and unlocking and upgrading your team keeps you playing. Having a trading market is a great way to upgrade your team and sell off unneeded cards. Only thing I don't like is in season mode the opposing team will always rally back by the 8th making it feel like the game only needed to be 2 innings.
Michael Holden review Michael Holden
Has No Concept
Has no concept of baseball. Continues to to add to pitcher's ERA when runs scored after an error is obviously an unearned run. But since the developers are not of this planet, they would not know or understan. Until they actually follow baseball rules I will never give this rating more than 1 star. This hame could be so much more if the developer would fix this. But it has no desire. Idiots!!!
A Google User review A Google User
Great game
I lose hours of my life to this game. Recent problems have led me to have to uninstall and reinstall this game, losing all content. I still love it, but hopefully no more bugs. It seems to be blacking out a lot lately too. And Billy hamilton is a switch hitter