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8 Ball Pool 4.0.0 apk, update on 2018-07-31
Join the Summer Festival in 8 ball Pool and try out our special Spin & Win and awesome time-limited offers!

•The World's #1 Pool game - now on Android!•

Play with friends! Play with Legends. Play the hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile and become the best!


Refine your skills in the practice arena, take on the world in 1-vs-1 matches, or enter tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues!


Customize your cue and table! In every competitive 1-vs-1 match you play, there’ll be Pool Coins at stake – win the match and the Coins are yours. You can use these to enter higher ranked matches with bigger stakes, or to buy new items in the Pool Shop.


Playing friends is easy: sign in with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you’ll be able to challenge your friends straight from the game. Challenge friends anytime, anywhere and show off your skills.


8 Ball Pool’s level system means you’re always facing a challenge. Play matches to increase your ranking and get access to more exclusive match locations, where you play against only the best Pool players.

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*This game requires internet connection.

Play on the Web at miniclip.com/pool

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8 Ball Pool APK reviews

I loved it, but now a days felt very bad. Spin and win is really waste till now I have got 1000 pool coins that to only one time. They should allow us to get all prizes. And second thing is purchasing cues, when I did purchase for Inferno cue box is koning for Kraken cue, in the same way whatever i request for purchase it's not. Not sure what is the moto behind this. I felt like to give 2 rating😪😪😪
Kurt Smith review Kurt Smith
I really enjoy playing. Great graphics. Never had a problem with connection issues or cheats. However the spin wheel never lands on anything above 250. Wish the lower levels had option of no guidelines and call pockets, hate losing because Opponent slop shots
gary numan review gary numan
Takes money at different rates i had 11700 coins. I went in for a 2500 game lost the round come out and all the moneys gone. Also when i do offers to get coins i dont get them. Fix the glitch idiots i want my coins back
Yousuf Khan review Yousuf Khan
I really love the game it's been a journey for me since I have been playing for about 7 months.. It's just excellent n fabulous but I really wanna complain n request that why don't u give a good amount of coins in bulk in spinning the wheel.. What's the use of having 100000 coins to 1000000..what's the purpose of keeping there jus for show.. Either give it or just remove it.. Be flexible n more joyful to give so we could also enjoy more firmly with to play more n more.. Be committed n loyal to ur system.. I really mean it..
Sorry for being greedy! I love this game since I started but Now we have club created, can we go 1 on 1 against different club? The game would be outstanding if this happens and I have rated one star to get attention. Sorry
Natasha McFaul review Natasha McFaul
I'd give 5 stars but everytime I do an offer for free cash, it NEVER goes through. I download an app and get to a level it requires. Still NO REWARD! I'm not the only one with this issue either. Several of my friends have that problem... so we quit doing any offers.
A Google user review A Google user
Really love it I just wish it was like real pool. If you sink a stripe on break you should be stripes. And it sucks getting beat by someone just shooting at random and winning because they shoot full power hoping to sink one of there balls. Every pocket should be called. Other than that I love it
Shapiro Mokgosi review Shapiro Mokgosi
I really enjoy playing this game, I sometimes feel like I'm an addict to it. The spin however is kinda like a prank to me, but that pushes me to earn coins legitimately. Thanks to the developers. GREAT GAME INDEED!
Brian Ras review Brian Ras
Its awesome a game. Very realistic and addictive. Only thing that that sucks is connection problems and the players name Mohammad because when its Mohammad or moham or md its a rigged match. I think 80% of the matches are rigged
Kelly Bucher review Kelly Bucher
Would be better if an 8 ball on the break was a win rather than it being spotted back on the table. A 9 on the break is a win so why not the eight?
A Google user review A Google user
whole game is awksm and perfect to play but sometimes just feeling bore just cuz of bad network i hav a bad network when i was playing this game i dont knw why it alwyz going lik this nly i thng i dont hav any network problm d game have sume network problems
shabaan khan review shabaan khan
It always makes winner to opponent during network issue. Doesn't matter that network issue belongs to me or opponent... Hate it..
Arjun Agla review Arjun Agla
Utter nonsense.. very bad game.. game Supporting players without any reason.. And game cheated several times
suree r review suree r
In a crucial winning spot this app won't work.. saying no network..but opponent will play safe and he wins.. stuppid app waste of time bit it will give us thrill
Richard Savory review Richard Savory
Too many problems with games dropping out midway through, then counted as a loss in the statistics (100+ times in 2 weeks).
Gill Keegan review Gill Keegan
Sick of it freezing but it still takes my coins I've lost lots because of this and it's not my internet as my hubby was on it as well and his has been working
subhadip dutta review subhadip dutta
New update is very bad.. Its very slow and crushed... So plz fix this problem... Otherwise its good...
Semo 92 review Semo 92
Why we can't remove some cues ?!! ,, it must be , pleas! Pleas we need to remove some cues pleas ! it must be
Carlos Orraca review Carlos Orraca
The targeting system doesn't always work and Wi-Fi support is poor. Lose many games because the screen changes.
A Google user review A Google user
The game is rigged to force you to pay for coins and other additions. Not realistic at all. The shots made on a regular basis is impossible in pool.
paras bindal review paras bindal
Hey please increase the security regarding hacking I recently played a game in Rome and I won that game I potted the black ball in last but at last of the game other player wins. This is very bad please check
SneakWater069 review SneakWater069
Stupid timer means shots are rushed and not like the real game, also lacks offline play against a computer
A Google user review A Google user
One of my favorite game I love it. How do u get more cash, it very hard for me, please help me out.
bill singletary review bill singletary
Rigged, cheaters galore, pay to win, plus the constant ads to buy more. You don't buy, you can't win constantly. Simple.
scott zimmerman review scott zimmerman
Fun game if you like playing towel heads and cheaters. Waste of time, not like real pool.
Gene Be review Gene Be
I just play because it's fun and cheaper than going to a pool hall or bar and I cant afford or fit a pool table in my apt. Thanks
gurudeep singh review gurudeep singh
I m many time loss my big game like dubai and sanghayi due to game link is failed....
shameem chanthroth review shameem chanthroth
Its a good game...really enjoying.. But the spin its fixed.. Always given same amounts.. what the he'll of the purpose Keeping the spin wheel.. Either give it or removed it... We are happy here even ur damn fixed spin wheel...never land's above 250... Otherwise game is fantastic and realistic
Sunil Joshi review Sunil Joshi
8ball pool should be devoid of game cheats. It is unfair for good players when opponents use cheats to beat them.
asgharjan magsi review asgharjan magsi
I like its feautre but Free Spin is working not very well always Spin pointer stops at 150 to 250 Coins Label..
AREF TJ420 review AREF TJ420
Don't install this game he give you stress this game just need your money you have no chance this game is very bad please don't install for your kids
A Google user review A Google user
I think 8 ball pool is very time consuming. It is fun and also the graphics and gameplay are awesome!!!
Dada Thakur review Dada Thakur
Very heavy and poor game Plz delete all extra adds and games
Michael S Mercer review Michael S Mercer
A great game to pass the time with but sometimes opponents can't defeat you without finishing the game.
malik awais review malik awais
This is stuped game I log in my account to other mobile they banned my account super stuped game for ever
Mario Monteo review Mario Monteo
I like this game,simple and happy,But better 8ball pool that is used for the table can be replaced animated wallpapers Please give emojis to play in game like a same emojis to game governor of poker!
nikhil kumar review nikhil kumar
Add a feature were we can get cash in exchange of cue
Ranu Lavu review Ranu Lavu
It's interesting Gud passing tym enjoying it by making challenges an wining D game
Justin Harvey review Justin Harvey
Moving up levels is not moving very fast for me.
Craig Morales review Craig Morales
Very good app to have on your android can play with friends or people around the world