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3D Sym Op 1.11 apk, update on 2017-03-28
“3D Sym Op” is an educational app designed to visualise the symmetry elements and operations on molecules of various point groups. The 3D molecule is searchable via four ways: Name, Formula; 2D Structure; Point Group and Image Recognition. Symmetry elements – rotation axis (C); reflection plane (); inversion point (i) and improper rotation (S) can be selectively displayed on the scalable 3D molecule. On touch the symmetry operation e.g. C6 – 60o rotation, is performed and user can pause/resume movement at any time. The corresponding 2D image with symmetry element can also be shown. Tapping the point group would display the character table. A quiz mode is available for which each time has 7 symmetry element questions followed by 3 point group questions, for self-assessment.

Chemistry undergraduates are encouraged to download this application to supplement their individual learning purposes.

This mobile application is a joint project between the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School of Computing, both from the National University of Singapore.

3D Sym Op APK reviews

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Aniline Hydrochloride review Aniline Hydrochloride
Isn't point group of 1,1,1-trichloroethane = C3v ? Anyway, with this app I've just understand the concept of symmetry operation. Thanks!
fernando lozano review fernando lozano
Nice interface
Quick reminder of symmetry groups the transformations are not clearly shown but it's pretty good how they have it in 3d and 2 d structure
Chauhan Nimesh review Chauhan Nimesh
Good app..
Very much helpfull for symmetry..
Harender Lohan review Harender Lohan
Add more compounds.
Sakin Ahmad review Sakin Ahmad
Needs some improvement..
vasim deshmukh review vasim deshmukh
Really useful
Haitao Liu review Haitao Liu
The trichloroethane assignment is wrong. It should be c3v instead of c3
Abhrojyoti Mazumder review Abhrojyoti Mazumder
There should a option for each molecule to merge the axis of symmetry and plane of symmetry. Otherwise it is a decent app. Nice work.
I Love Birds of Prey n Chemistry review I Love Birds of Prey n Chemistry
Isn't point group of 1,1,1-trichloroethane = C3v ? Anyway, with this app I've just understand the concept of symmetry operation. Thanks!
Harris Hanley review Harris Hanley
One of the molecules, 1,1,1-trichloroethane is in the C3v point group not C3 as in the app.
EccentricBin review EccentricBin
Shreya Amin review Shreya Amin
I think there should be representation of molecules we want to see I. E more options cz there are very limited options
Rayantan Sadhukhan review Rayantan Sadhukhan
A very good app to understand symmetry operations.
Rudranil Ghosh review Rudranil Ghosh
Please add boat conformation of cyclohexane
Sudip Ghosh review Sudip Ghosh
Very helpful to anyone and graphix are also very suitable to understand the symmetries.