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Diversify your classic gameplay with a new mod!

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New 3D Guns for Minecraft are updated mods that you may use to improve the skills of your skin. Use 3D weapons to defeat your opponents with guns! Reach your goals and have fun. Forget boring video games, download addons - unforgettable adventures in the cube world await you!

If in real life it is impossible to fly to another galaxy or meet a unicorn, then in the pixel universe you become omnipotent! Here you independently create the plot of your game. You can build houses and castles, fly dragons, fight rivals and mobs, and don't forget to have fun! Unleash your imagination and be creative in your gameplay. Kids are delighted with the colorful gameplay, while adults forget about problems and have fun.

Developers are constantly releasing new guns. This time, gamers can get access to incredible weapons. Use pistols to reach your goals faster and easier. Don't be afraid of rivals and scary mobs! A huge selection of realistic weapons awaits you. The main feature of the add-on is the 3D format. Tell your friends about the novelty, play online and create a squad of invincible gamers! The new mod will be useful for all categories of users: both for boys and for girls.

You can also download other addons! For example, skins, maps of other locations and texture packs! Use skins to try on the look of a hero from your favorite movie, cartoon or even anime! With the help of the map, you can visit any city, village, enchanted kingdom or even the island in the middle of the ocean! Don't limit your imagination.

Watch videos of popular youtubers so as not to miss a single app and update. Be a trending player! You can find out more useful information on the wiki. Share your life hacks with newbies, help them get comfortable in the huge pixel universe!

3D Guns for Minecraft DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. All rights reserved. All files available for download in this application are provided under a free distribution license. We do not claim copyright or intellectual property. This app uses assets and brands correctly in accordance with the guidelines described at https://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

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