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deanna oates review deanna oates
Lies lines and bs
The free points system is a lie. And you submit if you didn't get your points and you still won't get anything. The games start to cost so much points that you practically need the free ones but I've downloaded three different apps and games and played far beyond what was required and did not get my points. I should have three million by now. Needs fixed or mass negative ratings are coming.
Brittany Addy review Brittany Addy
Not really good
Some of the games I can't get past because of the game qualifications I have. Moto e phone and the sensitivity of the game doesn't match my phone
Stephen Ismay review Stephen Ismay
Had to start over switching from iPhone to android :-(
Liked this game and had completed about 60% or more games but couldn't link to Old iTunes account and had to start over so lost alot of exclusive games such as frapper that cost a million coins per game to unlock so not happy bout that but still a good game to kill time!
Kyle Hampton review Kyle Hampton
Fun n addicting
The mini games r fun n addicting. The only thing I don't like is how much the games cost to unlock it gets pretty ridiculous. Also u guys should add a function so we can see how our friends did n try to beat their score
Louis Sabbat review Louis Sabbat
Super extra
Ce jeux est vraiment bien aucun point négatif complet sur tout les points I realy love this game , i'm impressed by quality of the gameplay . The games are simple but addicted Good job , bravo, super
Lilli Edmett review Lilli Edmett
Love it
Since I was 5 yrs old I have loved this game bearing in mind I'm now ten I think it's brilliant how it costs nothing for 101 plus 41 games just great so hope you will think of other games just like it but different thanx for keeping me amused when I'm bored
Tombstone Graves review Tombstone Graves
I know this'll be a recent review, I don't know why I hadn't reviewed sooner, but I got this wonderful app a long time a ago. About 4-5 years ago. It was one of the very first good apps I had, during the time in The Play Store when there weren't very many graphically demanding games or big-name publisher's getting in on the action. And I just want to say, thank you, More current, for giving me an app which I enjoyed (And will enjoy) for hours.
A Google user review A Google user
Uninstalling all nordcurrent games. Developer makes it so difficult to progress in every single app of theirs, short of purchasing coins or gems. I'm not going to waste money on an app that I will probably stop playing in 6 months anyway. I had this app before when it was 101+3 and you were able to get coins faster especially with the wackamole game but when they figured out you got 100,000 plus coins, they quickly put a stop to it with an update. Not worth it.
Megan Bright review Megan Bright
Even if some of them are duds (and with so many, there *will* be duds); there are so many to choose from that you are sure to find a bunch you like. They are so short that you'll also want to keep playing them after you've "completed" the games. I have purchased some coins with real money to keep unlocking games faster (it's not a requirement and I've spent less than $5, which helped me to unlock about 6 games in a few minutes). This is my favorite minigames collection I've come across.
Deelite Dodo review Deelite Dodo
This game has something to suit everyone. Each game is nice and short so you can play even if you only have a spare couple of minutes. Plus if there are games you don't really like, you don't have to play them. Does take quite a while to earn enough points to unlock the games the further you go through though.
Sivam Pillai review Sivam Pillai
Perfect for casual gaming without the need to be over-committed like some other town building strategy games. Nostalgic too sometimes. The game also rewards you regularly which is good. The only con I found was that the touch responses are not crisp. It's laggy sometimes responding to touch slightly later. Also while the reward system is good advanced games require lots of coins in order to unlock! Still Overall happy!
Ephraim Stripes review Ephraim Stripes
Man, this is amazingly cool, and very intelligent as to how to keep you enjoying such GREAT GAMES ! ! ! ? uhh- ?, wait a minute.... This is a TAD false advertisement cause I just had 180,500 points and to open a game it asked for only 100k yet said I was short, but I still had over 80k, what gives???
Jami Moore Douglas review Jami Moore Douglas
My son abhors my rule of no phone until teenaged..he uses my phone for music and games, so I may censor and parent with safety in mind. We love these games! And now we've begun challenge time...we each play for 15 minutes, some nights we compete for pts, some only for number of games conquered. I have to say its proven to be a lot of fun and I'm excited everyday to sit and play with him!
Emily Kawamoto review Emily Kawamoto
I do like this app since it doesn't require wifi to play it. It's good for roadtrips/ traveling. The small goals can get addicting and just receiving points for trying is fun. There are ads but it's not too bad. The quality of art is low but the games are easy and fast to learn. I think the only thing that I would have to complain about is the they just throw you into the game a little too abruptly. A countdown on some games would be nice. Other than that it's been fun trying out new games for a free app.
Trina&Dave Croteau review Trina&Dave Croteau
These 101+games are the BEST!! It only makes sense to have a plethora of games all in one!! I've been following y'all at nordcurrent forever and every time I get a new device,these are the first games put on it!! In my opinion,you guys leave many other development co.s in the dust! Keep up the stellar performance guys, u can't be beat!! (I'm bowing in loyalty)

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