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The LMA Games app complements ETL Learning’s “Learning Math with Albert” package

LMA Games description

Every game is an adventure with Albert and Annie
Join Albert and his sister, Annie, as they embark on an exciting journey filled with many adventures and obstacles which they will need to overcome with mathematics! LMA Games encourages your child to use mathematics to solve puzzles as he explores the world with Albert and Annie.
LMA Games is designed and mapped against Singapore’s mathematics syllabus, one that is renowned for its highly effective approach to mathematics teaching and has consistently topped international benchmarking studies to produce top scorers in the subject. LMA Games builds a child’s mathematical fluency by encouraging him to develop higher-order thinking skills instead of through rote learning when solving mathematical problems. Based on recognizable early childhood learning-developmental milestones, LMA Games also uses a blended learning approach that combines existing printed materials with online digital games to make learning both fun and comprehensive.
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