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About this product

Search jobs, compare salary upfront, apply for an interview with a single click.

Interviewy description

Find your next job, compare personalized salary upfront, apply for an interview with a single click. Say goodbye to endless waiting for a call back. Booking interviews should be fun, easy and instant.

Unique features:

• Job search - browse our list of job openings near you with personalized compensation displayed upfront. Find jobs using free form search and preferred location. Our search has been optimized to return the most relevant positions based on search query and location.

• Click to interview - single-click interview scheduling. Apply for an interview right away using our scheduling system to land a job faster. Track your interview progress directly via the application and get notified when you have been hired for a position.

• Personalized compensation - complete your profile to get guaranteed personalized application for positions displayed upfront. Easy profile ensures the best possible match between you and potential employers.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we’ve built the best way to find interviews today, tomorrow and beyond. We’ve designed an easy to use self-service, interview booking system to streamline the hiring process so you don’t have to wait days before hearing from potential employer.
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