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Xvid Video Codec Player
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Xvid Video Codec Player 1.0.4 apk, update on 2017-05-23
Xvid video player is the ultimate media player for total controlled & customized playing of all format audio and video files.
It supports the Xvid format without any additional codec or plugin download.
It is all in one player providing all the advanced options & controls for total video playing.

Video Player
All in one video player with advanced controls and options for the real personalized entertainment.
It supports all the formats & video qualities 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p, 4320p. and many more.

3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .divx .drc .dv .f4v .flv .gvi .gxf .ismv .iso .m1v .m2v .m2v .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp2 .mp2v .mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg .mpv2 .mts .mtv .mxf .mxg .nut .nuv .ogm .ogv .ogx .ps .rec .rm .rmvb .tod .ts .tts .vob .vro .webm .wm .wmv .wtv .xesc

Audio Player
All format music player, not just Mp3 player. Enjoy any format audio at all bit rate with clear music.

.3ga .a52 .aac .ac3 .adt .adts .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .aob .ape .awb .caf .dts .flac .it .m4a .m4b .mid .mka .mlp .mod .mpa .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpc .mpga .oga .ogg .oma .opus .ra .ram .rmi .s3m .spx .tta .voc .vqf .w64 .wav .wma .wv .xa .xm

10 frequencies & 12 default settings for totally customize-able music and audio experience.

Day/Night Mode
Ease your eyes with reduced brightness mode for watching movies & videos at night.

One touch audio mute in videos.

Audio Delay
Synchronize audio with videos precisely for synchronized videos.

Fast & Slow Motion
Play videos in fast & slow motion.

Xvid Video Codec Player APK reviews

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Bamidele Fatai Idowu review Bamidele Fatai Idowu
I was coerced to download this app by Sony DVD because it came with xvid alone. I have tried all my best to play all format on it but showing error. Then what is solution? Download xvid player on your laptop, play your video with it to convert it automatically. You can now copy it and play it on your Sony DVD with xvid. But I am not happy with Sony product anymore.
Mika Miller review Mika Miller
I've been trying to find a xvid player to play the xvid movie downloads it doesn't work at all what's up with that!?
Worst ? Xvid files doen't open.. Whats the use??
Binayak Prasad Behera review Binayak Prasad Behera
I wish If I cud give less than this .... This is the most stupid carp I have discovered ... I wish u all guys never regret downloading this
gert kuhn review gert kuhn
I downloaded this app to play Xvid format. Doesn't play my Xvid files
Athul mathew review Athul mathew
Useless Doesnot play xvid files