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Zuma Legend 2017
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Zuma Legend 2017 3.1 apk, update on 2017-06-06
Zuma Legend 2017 - a game similar to marble, in which your purpose is destruction of all balls, carrying out combinations from the longset chains of balls of one color. shoot whit balls of various colors, getting to the balls with the same colors, there by causing explosion reaction.

1. when three or more marble shoot of the same colors match together, they are cleared from the play field.
2. tap on the transmiter can change the current marble ball to the next marble ball.
3. create combas will get more scores !

1. Zuma Legend 2017 is an interaktive and real feel environment
2. Zuma Legend 2017 is an addictive animal game play

download it for free and enjoy the Zuma Legend 2017 game.