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Zombieville USA 2
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Zombieville USA 2 1.6.1 apk, update on 1970-01-01
The definitive zombie shooter returns, reborn with stunning new graphics, gameplay and more!

This sequel is jam packed with content and features. Take command of your favorite character, customize them with a spectrum of weapons and skills, and do battle with the living dead - either alone, or with your friends!

- Features -
• Simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action. Fight hordes of enemies, make the most of your ammo, and go for your high score!
• Tons of unlockable content, including dozens of weapons, skills, playable characters and upgrades.
• Incredibly fluid, stylish animation
• Full Google Play Games integration, including achievements leader boards and saved games
• Co-op multiplayer via dedicated servers. Cross platform too, so you can play with anyone!

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Zombieville USA 2 APK reviews

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IcemanAdam review IcemanAdam
I have no issue other then it's easily completed. It doesn't take long to beat it and after that it's really repetitive. You should add one final level that's of the helicopter crashes (the one that always picks you up at the end) and you (and your coop partner) have to play an endless survival mode where instead of surviving a set amount, you have to see how far you can travel. And there could be a new mode based around it where you have to reach different cities or towns. Just an idea. But I think it would be very beneficial to the games replay value.
Daniel Gowen Jr review Daniel Gowen Jr
Way cool and different
Man This game is very cool. I was hooked on the first one, and this one is way cooler. Totally different then the first with way better game play and all the extra stuff you can do. Love the change of the background and all the new characters and weapons. This is a steal for only $.99. I Think I paid $1.99 for the first one when it came out. Very addicting and lots of fun to play, my kids also have a blast playing it.
Ian Steffancin review Ian Steffancin
Needs improvement
I get the game is new, but there are a lot of things that should be fixed. The cars that are in game have some flaws that make playing difficult and frustrating. When my guy is low on health and is at a vehicle, zombies hide behind them and aren't visible or they walk through the car while I'm on the other side. Also zombies spawn surrounding my character and sometimes it's impossible to not lose health. The game can't always be in my favour but some of these things aren't the fault of the player.
Ricardo Padilla review Ricardo Padilla
I love the game and would rate it five stars, but for some reason I can no longer play online at all. It was working fine before the update, but now it doesn't. I only rate it two stars in hope that you read and respond to this Mika mobile please!
Nick Prater review Nick Prater
Pretty good
I love this game but the sound is constantly cutting out. It happens every time my phone makes a sound, whether it's getting a text, telling me it's dying, etc. ALSO, I would love to see more intricate levels with things like elevators, stairs, ladders... that plus more weapons customization would easily make this game a 5 for me.
kirk erickson review kirk erickson
Menu isn't great and game is pretty easy to beat, plus no story.
The game is close to great but they need to fix the shop menu so you can see the guns, characters, and perks before you buy them, they are too dark to see or read. The game also lacks any real story or depth but the game play is good.
Operative Evie review Operative Evie
Everyone saying it's a grind an it is. But get creative dammit. Max the axe into the katana and run while cutting. Go for the auto shotgun build go completely icegun. Just remember you need daddy warbucks and radioactive perks immediately.
Manuel Maes review Manuel Maes
The game play is solid and satisfying and the weapons and abilities are fun to buy and upgrade. You can become a zombie killing machine. It's perfect for short bursts when you're bored. Totally fun and totally worth the dollar it costs.
Justin Simmens review Justin Simmens
So I'm fine as long as I use 1 weapon. When I try to switch, it normally does, except when it's the end of the level, then all the attack buttons just don't work until I die. Did mika mobile do this on purpose??? Seriously need to fix this, makes the game unplayable
Tommy McCarthy review Tommy McCarthy
Fun game, a lot of customization to experiment with. There aren't enough maps though, gets kind of stale. No IAPs is always a major plus though. Would like to see some more zombie variety as there are only 5 types. 4/5 overall :)
G Matos review G Matos
Mika finally ported the game to Android. Works great on GS7 edge except for the sounds cut off when any notifications come in and the sound stays off until you restart the game. Patch and remove the "new game" in the corner too ?
Gill Bates review Gill Bates
Game is good but needs update
Knowing mika mobile, they dont update your games often. This game needs more to offer.
Human the finite review Human the finite
There seems to be more content in this game verses the first one, but it's not as enjoyable to me as the first game. The characters in this one are only skins, where as the first game they had unique traits. They kinda make up for this with 3 perks you can equip but the variety is stale. I also don't like that each level is timed and you no longer search houses for money and ammo.
Jay Hollywood review Jay Hollywood
Game alot of fun but
Well the gameplay is actually fun some odd reason why I move to the next mission the sound cut off not sure why but if fixed I gladly give you a 5stars
Joseph Bocanegra review Joseph Bocanegra
The game is great i have been waiting a long time for this game to come to android, ever since it was first released. One problem i encountered while playing the game. if i got msg or notification the game sound would completely go away and the sound only comes back if i restart the game. Please fix and i will give it 5 stars