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ZEEQ by REM-Fit 1.4.3 apk, update on 2017-11-04
The official ZEEQ by REM-Fit SmartPillow companion app.

The ZEEQ app is designed for use with the ZEEQ by REM-Fit SmartPillow*. ZEEQ users are able to see all of their pillow data easily in the app. View your SleepScore, Snore stats, Motion stats and even optionally sync with your REM-Fit Active**.

ZEEQ works with Google Fit. This allows you to share your sleep data with Google Fit as well as push and pull health data to Google Fit.

* ZEEQ by REM-Fit SmartPillow required for use. Sold Separately.
** REM-Fit Active required for use. Sold Separately.

ZEEQ by REM-Fit APK reviews

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Clifton Stuckey review Clifton Stuckey
Another update, another failure to fix any problems.
After a few updates over the last few weeks, I still have to try 10 times on average to connect to the pillow, another 5 to 10 times to Start Sleep. The alarm actually did go off this morning. But then after 5 attempts to Wake, when it finally worked there was still no sleep data. Still not working. Still.
Roberto Passini review Roberto Passini
It works well
Got my zeeq pillow yesterday, tested it last night. Everything seems to work fine, it does take a while to connect to the pillow but I wasn't expecting any better with my Motorola moto3. I'll try a different device tonight, music streaming works well to but somehow requires internet connection even though the songs have been downloaded on the phone? I'll update my review in the next few days, so far so good.
Brian McCumsey review Brian McCumsey
Great pillow!
This is a wonderful pillow and app! I haven't had the problems others have had.
Stephan Speer review Stephan Speer
Happy supporter
Had this pillow for a month now and I love it and the app easy to use.
Robert DeAngelis review Robert DeAngelis
I previously rated this app at 2 stars because it would not establish a stable connection to the pillow, sometimes requiring over a dozen tries to get it to do what you want. Also, accounts eventually became corrupted and no longer recorded data from the pillow. I went through a LOT of frustration and would have tossed the pillow had it not been for the expensive price tag. Also, I did appreciate the customer support, as they did try to help me and even sent a new pillow, which is why I gave it a second star. They have now updated the app and it does seem better. I can now connect to the pillow with only 2 or 3 tries, and sometimes even on the first try. But I kept my rating at 3 stars because sometimes the data does not download correctly and I have to do a 15-day sync to get it to work properly again. There are also still bugs with the weekly summary sent by my account, as it does not correctly report some of the parameters. But the app does seem to have gotten better overall.
Graham McKenzie review Graham McKenzie
Refuses to sync or do anything. I now have a very expensive pillow that is utterly useless. Support is Jon existent. Thanks ZEEQ. Won't ever follow any of your projects ever again.
Christina Harding review Christina Harding
The app can be a bit slow to sync. Good information from the pillow. Has reduced my snoring
Stuart Britt review Stuart Britt
Not stable and takes ages to sync. Not impressed have paid for the pillow, can't use it properly so it may be going back!
Jack Wear review Jack Wear
Software issues. The app locks up occasionally, making it frustrating to use. I also have an issue with their very legally worded privacy agreement you need to agree to use their app.
Marc Downs review Marc Downs
I like the zeeq pillow a great deal. The tech works well, soothing sounds to sleep by, snore control, and a wake up vibe. Big improvements in the app functionality have made it easy to use.
Melissa B review Melissa B
Wonderful in theory but not in design or function. The app will exit sleep mode on its own while I'm asleep. It takes anywhere from 3 to 30 (I wish I was exaggerating) attempts to sync then aftwr syncing it's another multiple attempt to start sleep. That's IF the audio will connect. I have done as they said but the issues are constant. The pillow is comfy and I enjoy the alarm in it. But the app and functions of Bluetooth are shoddy at best. Not impressed and already have buyers remorse for funding on kickstarter.
Shane Milton review Shane Milton
Stability has been MUCH better with the most recent release of the app. It's still not perfect. The are still some obvious bugs including the need to occasionally manually force close the application but if you learn the dance then it's usually pretty reliable as long as you dance the dance. I'd ideally give this a 3.5 rating at this point. A couple bug fixes get it to a solid 4.0. All bug fixes and some obvious missing features and UI cleanups would get it to 5.0 stars in my opinion. A previous version of this app only got a 2 star rating by me because of some bugs specific to Google Pixel phones, but those Bluetooth bugs appear to have been fixed.
Whitley Corrin review Whitley Corrin
It takes forever to sync...when I want to sleep it's stuck on that forever. I wish I could just use the bluetooth for music separately until this app was more user friendly. It's too complicated for no reason.
Brock Hendrickson review Brock Hendrickson
This pillow has changed my life! Can't thank you enough for increased quality of sleep and peace of going to bed with my music, that only I can hear.
It works
I am using this product for a while. The latest version works fine. No issues.