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About this product

Your favorite radio station is just one tap away with the Z99 FM mobile app!

Z99 FM description

Your favorite radio station is just one tap away with the Z99 FM mobile app!

Listen at work, at the gym, on the road, or wherever else you are in the world. Interact with Z99 FM with a slew of features like listener rewards, listener feedback, notifications and more. We keep track of your total listening time and offer great prizes and rewards for listening. Kind of like frequent flyer miles you can earn these prizes for all the time you spend with us - as if our great music and personalities weren’t enough. ;) Also, your profile that you use to listen on our website is the same as your profile in the app, which means your time spent will be logged no matter how you choose to listen.

Listen live
Listen to Z99 FM podcasts
Watch videos from the station
Read our personalities’ blog posts and music news
Personalized profile
Notification center
Listener rewards – Including listening time rewards, promocode rewards, location check-in rewards and so much more
Listener feedback – Send us text, audio, photos or video
Vote in listener polls
Artist bios and photo galleries
Alarm Clock

The Z99 FM app supports Android Auto!

* This app is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area.
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