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YouTube for Google TV 1.7.5 apk, update on 2017-10-21
YouTube your way on the biggest screen in the house, from a playlist of music videos to your favorite comedy channels.

YouTube for Google TV APK reviews

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Duncan Grieves review Duncan Grieves
does not work on hisense tv
very slow app. no longer syncs with phone. sound and visual also out of sync. youtube is now useless on my tv
Nick I review Nick I
Device pairing does not work!
Device pairing option was canceled in the last version!
rick gagnepain review rick gagnepain
Freezes after one second
I had to install latest version because ole version was no longer supported. The new version only plays for about a second and then pauses. Hit play again and after one second it pauses again. USELESS!!!
ahmad fajar firdaus review ahmad fajar firdaus
Since upedate CANNOT play it
HATE IT. Since UPDATE CANNOT play YOUTUBE. Spending money for nothing to buy TV with ANDROID
Joanne Lee review Joanne Lee
doesnt work
was working ok until i was forced to update it. now it just cant play any video
blk535 lim review blk535 lim
Errors in playing you tube
It always show error when open video after force to upgrade the vision.
richard dansby review richard dansby
Messed with a good thing
Cannot cast youtube from smartphone to lg google tv anymore. if it is not broke you know the rest
Ortal Atiya review Ortal Atiya
Doesn't work on tv
Can't play any video
bryan soo review bryan soo
Can't playing
The tube can't opened its say that "the video have a problem when playing".
Matthew Bender review Matthew Bender
update blows
can no longer pair my phone and tv. was a great feature! way to go google on making tech go backwards
Julia Lachman review Julia Lachman
doesnt work well
you cant watch any full episodes of anything
mamaat mamaat review mamaat mamaat
totally fail
cannot play any video, " there was a problem when playing"..
Handy Martosuwono review Handy Martosuwono
I decided to buy android TV mostly because it support youtube application. But after a month using my android TV there was an error on playing youtube. Then I tried to update for a new version from playstore but the same thing happen, there is an error on playing frustrated
Ruju Bhatia review Ruju Bhatia
No support for Google TV
Stopped support for old version and your new version does not run on my GOOGLE TV..please provide some solution to this..... Updating review after Three days of no response to reiew.. Whats the use of asking reviews... waste
Vladimir Volodin review Vladimir Volodin
This app is appalling. I can't use the older version on my TV now because it expired and now I have to put up with this parody. 1) Can't login 2) Can't rewind anywhere in the video, the function is absent!!! 3) Turns on annoying "talk-to-search"

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