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Hajoy English App: Simple & efficient, very fun, and many people choose!

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21 ratings

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🎯Are you a beginner of English?
🎯Do you need to study English?
🎯Do you want to improve your English in many aspects?
🎯Want to learn English but can't stick to it?
🎯Are you still troubled by the difficulty of finding someone to practice English with you?

✨Congratulations!🎉 Choose this app and you will solve problems of learning English with zero foundation. We offer hundreds of free lessons tailored to the different stages of your learning to help you speak English faster.

Exclusive Features👉
💕Multi-Scenario Application: You can choose different project modules according to your English learning purpose

💕Funny Stories: You can learn authentic English expressions, improve vocabulary, learn phrases and slang through fun stories

💕Learn English with an AI Coach: Your AI coach will accompany you throughout your learning, and help you accumulate common conversations based on conversational exercises, so that you can integrate into immersive English learning faster

💕Scientific and Effective Listening Practice: The unique dialogue blocking function promotes you to recall the sentences you have learned. After repeated training, you can improve your listening and speak English more easily

💕Game Pass Mode: Accumulate experience like playing the game, level up, lose hearts if you answer is wrong, and track your learning progress through achievement medals

💕Short Test: Listening tests, core tests, conversation tests, etc., fun quizzes don't stress you out as much as exams do

😍This is an app designed for learners of English with zero foundation. Download the app for free and start your English learning journey today. Hope you become a “native speaker” soon👏👏👏
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