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XXNX-App 1.0 apk, update on 2020-03-15
XXNX Play a fun and challenging word game.
You will need to name the different objects or pictures.
You have a pool of letters to choose from and a number of blocks to place them in.
You get 3 tries for each word -so if you misspell you can correct yourself.

XXNX game starts off easy with simple words and gets harder and harder. Improve your spelling and language perception.
The game will show you a picture and words.
You will see combinations such as:: XXYX / XNXX / JXXX / XXGDXXX / XV. You will need to find the correct letters to complete the challenge.

Learn new words and have fun on the way. The app is designed by professional linguistics.
XXNX does not stop to entertain and educate.

Have fun..

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