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World of Hello
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World of Hello 5.0 apk, update on 1970-01-01
World of Hello is a real-time online development system that allows you to build commercial apps alongside friends and strangers.

Use Lua to build your own app!

We support a variety of tools that make app development super easy.

Create your own World and set user permissions for your friends or co-workers.
Build your own cross-platform application FOR FREE that requires NO EXTRA CODING for using the app between PC and Mobile instantly.

Design 2D/3D single-player, multi-player, or MMO games that are automatically updated online. Or, create commercial business applications using GUIs.

Switch between your phone and computer at any time to continue development on a different system.

- 3D objects and tools.
- 3D cameras.
- 3D particle systems.
- 3D collision detection.
- 2D images.
- 2D collision detection.
- Color manipulation.
- Sounds and music.
- Advanced networking tools.
- GUI elements (text boxes, password boxes, list boxes, buttons, etc).
- So much more...

The possibilities are endless!

World of Hello comes with a variety of user-created apps, such as..
- Hello 3D
- A 3D MMO where you can run around and create online objects alongside friends.
- Hello Classic
- A 2D MMO where you can run around and place tiles, designing 2D images and levels.
- GUI Maker
- An application that allows you to drag and drop GUI elements in real-time alongside strangers.
- Developers
- An application where you can scroll through developers and find who you'd like to help build your dream app with.
- And many more user-created applications.