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Words With Friends Classic
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Words With Friends Classic 8.414 apk, update on 2017-08-09
Check out the all-new location-based leaderboard and find out if you are the best Words With Friends player in your area! We use your geolocation to put you on the leaderboard so you can compare your scores to other players around you, challenge them to a game, and chat with them.

Keep in touch with your friends by playing Words With Friends Free, the #1 mobile game!

PLAY the simple word-building game you know and love

CONNECT with your friends through in-game chat

INVITE new friends to play instantly through Facebook & Twitter, or with random opponent matchmaking

ACCESS your games across all your devices

• "Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar

• "Social gaming at its finest." – Fox News

• "The premise of ‘Words‘ is simple: you fire it up and are playing a Scrabble-like word game against one of your friends in seconds." – TechCrunch

• "One of the most requested apps that people have waited to see come to Android." - Androinica
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Words With Friends Classic APK reviews

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Snow Storm review Snow Storm
Very addictive and extremely fun to play anytime anywhere. It's the kind of game you can just quickly play before basically doing anything. But the new update was a bit of a set back. The ads are WAY too aggressive. I could handle an ad or two every 3-5 turns but now there's videos you have to watch that are 10-15 seconds long after EVERY TURN. Also, at any moment it could send me to the play store to some random app for no apparent reason. Besides those issues, everything is great!
Doyle Peterson review Doyle Peterson
I want the old version back
The old was much better, and more stable. Way to many adds that have no exit option. If an add don't load I get a black box around the word I just played, and if the other person plays before my add plays I have to power down my phone befor I can play. Also the other person can't see my score. This version really needs some scoreserious fix.
Sunshine Harrison review Sunshine Harrison
Not bored anymore
After app update, I lost my place on the leader board and all the games I was playing. The update put me on an older version where I had been timing out and losing because I never knew I was still playing. It keeps toggling between versions and my login has been the same. (as far as I know). Sunshine Harrison and Sunshine Is and SolidSunshine. How to combine accounts and resume games?
L Ashe review L Ashe
WHY does WWF not go silent when the phone is muted??? What else am I turning off via phone controls, that this app is bypassing and doing what it wants??? Recording Video? Audio? Recording Keystrokes when out of the game??? Come on Google, police this stuff. Go into your apps manager and look at what info this app is likely selling from your phone. This on top of too many ads and full fledged commercials!
Emilee Johnston review Emilee Johnston
The ads have gotten really ridiculous. I understand ads are required for sponsership however leading me back 5 times to play store after not even coming close to touching any advertisement is a bit much. Please fix this I really enjoy the game and would like to keep it.
Josh O. review Josh O.
App needs work. I've just re-downloaded after many years break and on new phone and already have many issues within first 24hrs. 1) some notifications vibrate even though I disabled that. 2) a game with a friend has crashed with a "out of sync" error. 3) a solo game with bot has hung. I passed first turn to it and it won't take a turn. Even if I "nudge" it. (Nexus 5x)
Kevin Buckner review Kevin Buckner
This game is really frustrating sometimes. They really need to revamp the dictionary of allowable words. It is missing a bunch of real words, and has even more words that don't sound like words. When you look them up, it says, "[this word] is a valid Words with Friends word. Sorry, no definition is available at this time." Guess what, Words with Friends, if you can't define a word, IT ISN'T A WORD!!!
robert blomquist review robert blomquist
Samsung S8 I cannot turn off the weekly challenge no mater what I do. Deselected in settings but still persists. This leaves a notification on the screen so I think someone has played a turn .. but NOT. I do enjoy the game.
Pam Stanley review Pam Stanley
Updated 5/23/17. I give up. Each update is worse than the one before. Can no longer play on tablet. Barely working on phone. Have to uninstall/reinstall over and over. Who needs the aggravation? Drop the political ads and don't accept words for which you can't find definitions. Love the stats!
Greg Coulter review Greg Coulter
Too many ads...and on top of that, if you close the ap after your turn without watching the ad, it messes up the audio on your phone until you do a hard reset. Terrible.
Leslie Hart review Leslie Hart
Update*** I uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, it seems to work great now! I really love this game, but latest update has caused a glitch...I swapped tiles and now it's showing that game as active, click on it, it says create game, in other words, it's showing the game as playable, but you can't play it...minor yes, but it's irritating. Other than that, I still love the game! I paid for this app a long time ago, so I never see any ads, just the annoying glitch this time...
Matthew Rix review Matthew Rix
This game used to be great, then they put an update in that stopped you from seeing which friend from Facebook you are playing. Now all it says is the name of the company and a bunch of numbers. I have no idea why these jackasses would put in this update.
Tulika Singh review Tulika Singh
The game is pretty good. I love playing it with my friends. But it won't update my statistics. Is that a glitch or it updates stats only for US English language games? Plus the ads, it is too much. A few is understandably of course.. Else I would have given it a better rating.
Judith D review Judith D
Unable to update my dp now for over a month!!
Valerie Knowles review Valerie Knowles
I HATE ALL THE ADS. Exspecially when playing several games at a time. Its the same stupid ads over and over. This is what may make me stop playing and uniatall this game. I can see and understand the ads but Everytime you play a hand is Bull@@it. Its annoying