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Word Search 3.0.3 apk, update on 2020-05-23
In this Word Search game for free, you can play from easy 5 x 5 games for kids up to extreme challenges of 20 x 20. Choose the difficulty of your Word Search puzzle!

★ Play more than 20 different categorized puzzles: animals, cities, foods, sports, transports, music and more.

★ Available in 16 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and more.

★ Daily Word Search puzzle: every day you will find a different puzzle with the most important ephemerides and events that happened on that date.
★ Timed Multiplayer Game 1 vs 1 with the puzzle size you want
★ Create YOUR Word Search game, select the words you want and send it to your friends through Whatsapp, Hangouts and others!
★ Word Search puzzles with different difficulty levels, from small 5 x 5 to 10 x 10 normal or large 20 x 20 perfect for tablets!
★ 15 Achievements and Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) from Google Play Games
★ You will never lose your current game, the game is automatically saved so you can continue right where you left off.
★ Original help system for improved gameplay
★ Choose the number of words and types of help for greater challenges
★ You will never get bored with this game! Endless possibilities!
★ Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HD devices and small or low resolution devices!

Word Search APK reviews

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Hope Wiley review Hope Wiley
Simple and fun
Excellent choice for killing time. I've been on hold forever and this makes it bearable. If you like word searches, there's no reason why you won't thoroughly enjoy this game.
Mickey Preston review Mickey Preston
Word search
The words are in color and they change color and they time u and the bonuses are good especially time bonuses i did 6 words in 24 sec and 8 words in 28 secs so the game is really cool cause it challenges u to get faster by the messages it gives u great game be cool if u advance levels so the words would get harder and more in the timed puzzles
Lorry Jonas review Lorry Jonas
A lot of fun to play. I enjoy the challenge of a difficult puzzle, and challenging myself to a better score. I also enjoy playing puzzles with a variety of themes / categories. Would love to see additional categories added in your future updates.
Fun and entertaining
This is the perfect game to play anytime, i always play before i go to bed and it puts me to sleep just well, plus it helps my brain and eyes to work fast. It also improves my vocabulary.???????
J Lewis Z review J Lewis Z
Great wordsearch game.
Does exactly what I was hoping, with infinite puzzles and different sized grids. Apart from the odd glitch when exiting a game and letters fading under overlapping words, perfect.
Aish Akmal review Aish Akmal
Its fun
Its very fun to play this game when your bored . Its a great game to play in your free time. But please make it so you can change the mode to easy, normal, hard and pro plz???
A Google User review A Google User
Loving it
Loving it old games that last best part is this app requires no added snooper permissions. Great app keep it up
I love the sense of logic and it's addictive because you just become absorbed in trying to win
Tianna Rojas review Tianna Rojas
Fun and easy to level up! Great way to pass the time. Cant stop playing
Nevaeh Martin review Nevaeh Martin
I like this game because it challenges you a little bit I give it a thumbs up
Ethiraj R review Ethiraj R
Excellent game but three star is just difficult
Love this time killer. I wanted a simple format yet entertaining. I found it. I like the different customizable features I get to choose in this game so far very addicting and enjoyable!
Alexander Schulz review Alexander Schulz
Looked for a time killer and I got this one for just over 3 mb. Really easy to use and will help in english
Hilary Girtman review Hilary Girtman
My biggest complaint is the letters get harder to see the more times it's used in a word. I like the color markers, but keep the letters dark so you can see them.
Adaya Goode review Adaya Goode
Omg I've been trying to find this game...I was recommended it for so long but could never find...downloaded it on my old tablet...memorized the company name and picture and finally found it! I love it so much...it's not like most word searches...this one you get to pick your topic and have like a Dailey search which is timed but this is very relaxing! Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Adaya ?