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Word Search 1.21 apk, update on 2019-05-17
One of the best Word Search games on the Play Store:

- Infinite play with automatically generated grids
- Customizable letter size
- Nice highlighting colors
- Visual animation when you find a word
- Keep your best scores

Word Search APK reviews

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Camille turbo Joe review Camille turbo Joe
It is good,I like playing it all the time.
A Google User review A Google User
Great fun and very educational. Been playing this since 2011
Bharadwaj Maddipatla review Bharadwaj Maddipatla
Loved it
Kim review Kim
The original and best!
Rediscovered this app while reloading a new phone. I've had many of these games but always found them too easy & predictable. I like that I can change it to greyscale as I find bright colours are distracting. Also, the letters can be too tiny in all the others or they just quit mid game. This is the original and best.
Joy Ashurst review Joy Ashurst
It is the best one for several reasons. It doesn't want ridiculous permissions for one. Plus it doesn't take up a lot of space in my storage. The game itself is challenging enough If you do these a lot but not too hard either. I had this app on my last phone. I couldn't remember which one it was. But, I found it! I am so glad to have it back.
Kirstie Bould review Kirstie Bould
I wish I could upload a screenshot of this game to this, so I could show you. I enjoy playing this game. It's great when you have a spare ten/fifteen minutes. However, some of the words leave a lot to be desired. 'Condom', 'Erection, and in one I played earlier, 'Bullshitting', were in the wordsearch lists. Could you please put a warning up for parents?
Jody Formica review Jody Formica
Love it
A few words show up a lot, but otherwise a fun way to kill time on the train
Juanita Irene Barnes review Juanita Irene Barnes
I've looked at dozens of word search games, but keep coming back to this one! It moves fast & doesn't require selections, i.e., decisions about what kinds of words to use for the puzzle. However, I got hooked more than a decade ago, when I could double-click to find the definitions &/or synonyms for words I had not mastered, & increased my working vocabulary. Please put that function back, or tell me who has it.
Elizabeth Morrison review Elizabeth Morrison
Word search
Love it.
Can be how many player in group,vs,or partner so fun download it brain full and many to join this game for me 5 rates I will give thanks for this helpful game gonna need to make who's vs I will make loose xoxox.......juris like it for 5 stars love this game so good not boring warning if u don't want this game don't comment bad comments OK but telling u it's not bad promise honest bye..........hope u will enjoy!(=
Shane Roberts review Shane Roberts
Shane game
I like this game so much i play this game everyday it my favorite people should try it
Krista L review Krista L
Every time I close my tablet when I am in a game, the app starts a new game instead of keeping me in the old one so I lose all of my progress. It didn't use to be that way. Very frustrating!
Good change of pace from freemium games. Brain exercise always a plus.
Elaine Ruffin review Elaine Ruffin
I love doing these types of puzzles. It's a great stress release for me.
Al Fordy review Al Fordy
One of the main apps I install on all my Android devices. An extremely basic but very functional game that comes in handy during emergencies.