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Word Academy 2.0.5 apk, update on 2019-01-04
***** Already Ranked #1 among Word Games in 44 countries *****

Enroll in Word Academy to unlock hundreds of grids made up of hidden words.

The words in each grid have a theme and order: the game starts off easy, but the size and number of words increase as you play, and the order becomes more important and difficult.

That's not a bug! If you can’t connect the letters it’s because you have solved the words in the wrong order. In that case start over using the reload button and try to solve the words in a new order.

SCIMOB, the creator of 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees and 94% with more than 50 million players worldwide, brings you its latest game and brain workout, Word Academy!

Word Academy APK reviews

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Evelyne Chia review Evelyne Chia
It needs alot of updates Sucks
The daily spin is useless
Carol Grow review Carol Grow
A lovely addictive ride!
It's a good thing that I am retired because I would probably be fired for playing this game as much as I do. I literally cannot put it down. I stay up all nite playing this game and then sleep all day. Not conducive with a job. I really wish we could get hints for free because I am on a limited income and a dollar here and a dollar there starts to add up. So give it some thought and get back to me!
Damon Centifanti review Damon Centifanti
An excellent brain bender
For such a simple game, Word Academy is big on style and substance. It has a great look, a sense of humour and some increasingly tough wordwork. If I have a single issue, it is that the scoring is unnecessary: you can't advance past a level without completing it, and the score's the same no matter how hard a time you have. Just get rid of it, and this is a perfect way to prod your brain.
Doe Cavalera review Doe Cavalera
I wanted the hints...
so I'm rating before I'm ten minutes into the game, but the first 2 levels are a joke. I was looking for something similar to wordbrain, but I'm not sure this is it. I'm hoping to be challenged soon. I love word games, but this would be more enjoyable if you allowed users to choose their own degrees of game play, as in easy, intermediate, and pro. It would be a huge improvement over spelling LIFT, LOW, LEFT, CAPE, etc, just to get ahead. I'll edit after I've actually played more than once.
Shantell Hughes review Shantell Hughes
Unlocked Mad Scientist
I've been playing this game for a long time. After a while it said 0% of people have unlocked this. Guess I'm on my own. Only a few more levels until I can't go any further. It definitely gets harder as you go. Love these brain games.
Ken S. review Ken S.
Fast, addictive word game
I get started with this game, planning to solve just a few puzzles. The next thing I know, it's a half-hour later and I wish I could spend even more time. This is arguably the best solitaire word game around and I highly recommend it. It gets a little frustrating at times because it's not always easy. Sometimes there are several possible solutions of which only one is correct. It's all in the game though, and part of the fun.
Amelia Eady Canfield review Amelia Eady Canfield
Word Academy
Very good workout for the brain. Starts off really easy but progresses at a rapid pace. Makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes when you see the two words right away but have to figure the order they will fit. Not as easy as it sounds.. Lot of fun
Andrew Hansen review Andrew Hansen
This game managed to keep me entertained for months. It can be frustrating when you know the words but can't figure out which identical letters to choose, but that's all part of the puzzle. I'm happy to report that I just completed all of the levels, so it is definitely possible. Keep going!!
Love the challenge especially of the harder levels as you work up. I smile at some of the comments I've read... "give us a clue as to the topic" - that's part of the challenge people... figuring out what connects to the first word you find! I do agree that the hint button needs to be smaller or somewhere else... it's very easy to accidentally hit when you don't intend to. Our move the reset button to not beside it. The idea of other ways to get hints is good. I don't buy any hints, I just wait until I finally figure it out. Sometimes I leave it alone for a few days to a few weeks and come back to it when I'm out of hints. Eventually I always get it. Patience... I'm on whatever level comes after Empress. (Didn't look before posting this review...)
Cris Harris review Cris Harris
I enjoy the game in itself.. the only issue I have is once you've used your hints and have either posted to Facebook or download another game just to get hints and you run out.. You're pretty much stuck unless you buy hints. Need another way to obtain more hints
Jessie Ruth Finch review Jessie Ruth Finch
Starts off easy enough for young children, but gradually it becomes more difficult. Graphics are simple enough but make the game play more fun. I enjoyed this game over wordbrain.
Nasreen Nadhirah review Nasreen Nadhirah
This is a good game for all level of community and I love it.
Barbara Franklin review Barbara Franklin
Really like this game.
Geordie Kev review Geordie Kev