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Wish for Merchants
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Wish for Merchants 1.0.0 apk, update on 2016-01-11
What is Wish?
Wish is the leading mobile commerce app worldwide with 100 million global users and 1+ million daily active consumers. Wish creates a relevant, entertaining, and personalized browsing experience for each individual consumer through understanding consumer behavior and preferences. This translates into effective product exposure and better sales conversions for merchants.

No Risk, High Reward
Wish has no signup, subscription, credit card, listing, or promotion fees. Wish just has a flat revenue share for each successful sale and merchants have access to unlimited product uploads, unlimited metrics and analytics, and on-hand merchant support.

App Features
- Follow store metrics. Stay up to date with all of your store metrics including impressions, sales, and wishes.
- Check notifications. Get real time notifications on all changes and updates to your store straight on your mobile phone.
- See system updates. Receive the latest Wish merchant platform changes and updates immediately as they happen.

Have more questions?
Please feel free to contact merchant_support@wish.com or your account manager if you have any other questions.

Wish for Merchants APK reviews

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Ray Ferrer review Ray Ferrer
We cannot login to it...waste of time and money, no one come across and answer no even one of our request. They are crapt and scammers....we shold make a complain going to report them to the police for scamming merchants and sometime even users.....u cannot reach them no even on their phone number, when it comes to pay you out you maybe banned from. What ia that ?
Jennifer Winslow review Jennifer Winslow
Wish refunded one of my customers and let them keep my product because she ordered the wrong size ring. My items are handmade sterling silver jewelry. This company is shady, it will not allow you to talk with customers to resolve issues, do not sell through them.
Mohamed Hajjou review Mohamed Hajjou
Errors keeps occurring while logging. Needs an update as soon as possible . One more option that should be included is to be able to check the order from the app without visiting the website.
Marcus Gronzo review Marcus Gronzo
My products have been gathering dust in "under review" status (and losing the time value of money) for weeks. This is worse than useless.
Ann Kennedy review Ann Kennedy
The app sometimes has problems letting me complete shopping. I get error message.
Cameron Shepherd review Cameron Shepherd
Cannot login at all. I tried both of my stores.. Neither of them are accessible on Mobile phone. This is very inconvenient and needs fixed as soon as possible.
Andrew MacKenzie review Andrew MacKenzie
Not to happy with the fact none of us still can't log in and app has not been updated in a few years, truly disappointed with this app.
phil Summers review phil Summers
I'm waiting weeks to get items approved.. support don't seem very willing to help either
Obieze Ikenna paschal review Obieze Ikenna paschal
Lots of bugs. Logging in is a whole new challenge.
Exploring With Mist review Exploring With Mist
Error on Sign-in, and Forgot My Password to get in and I can't get back in.
Tony Smith review Tony Smith
When I trying to login, it shows me that an error occurred.
Mukesh Sha review Mukesh Sha
It shows an error occurs, while I login. Dissatisfied with the app.
Pei Ling Tan review Pei Ling Tan
1) can't login 2) wish always refund customers even though it's the customer who ordered wrongly. 3) takes forever to review products. 4) support sucks.
A Google user review A Google user
I really loved shopping with wish I don't understand why you all are making it so difficult for me to get into my account
Miao Ling Koh review Miao Ling Koh
Not able to login my account from the app