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WhatsApp Wallpaper 2 apk, update on 2016-01-14
Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp Messenger

To use our wallpapers:
1) install and launch WhatsApp Messenger
2) start a conversation with a friend
3) choose Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp

WhatsApp Wallpaper APK reviews

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A girl 33 review A girl 33
This app is very good but if you dont have whatsapp it is not that good to start with but still its an ideal app for if you think your background is really boring and also it brightens everything up for you keyboard down low to way up high to the first message you ever sent also it does not just change one backgroud it changes all of them
Sarmad Iqbal review Sarmad Iqbal
All wallpapers are so cheesy. They are more like wallpapers and less like backgrounds which is the actual purpose of the app. Too many distracting elements and non subtle colours. Better search the internet yourselves and download stuff you like.
Chiradeep Mukherjee review Chiradeep Mukherjee
It's too streamlined... if you can get a free platform where all the user's can send their creative ideas probably Watsapp can get more wallpapers in their list and yes you can also give place for these designers to enter their name as the watermark.... I fear of getting these stollen...
Tyler Truth review Tyler Truth
There is another app, i don't What it is, but it can Hack your What's app And Read all Your Messages! It happened to me. Please Find a way. ?
Ashley Maharaj review Ashley Maharaj
I just really wish there would be a regular cycling in and out of wallpapers. The same ones are always there but are not the most appealing. It would be nice if every week or every other week new ones were added while less popular ones were replaced by new ones... There's not enough of a variety or selection for me
Vanessa Dawson review Vanessa Dawson
Every time I go in to Wallpaper on WhatsApp it brings a message asking if I would like to download the WhatsApp Wallpaper Pack which I have already got in my apps. This is disappointing as I can't access any Wallpapers to choose. Please correct this.
Asma Sajid review Asma Sajid
I like this app because it really helps to change my whatsapp background?i recommend installing this app its cool and dont listen to people that hate it listen to me i am a trust worthy. And even if you dont like it uninstall it!!! But i love it
Sarah-Lee Hifitikeko review Sarah-Lee Hifitikeko
It's been a long time since you guys have updated this application. I would've rated it 5 stars but the only problem is the update and there are very few wallpapers,I'm even bored of them. It would be of much appreciation if you can update this app and add more wallpapers.
Saurabh Mahajan review Saurabh Mahajan
Please have the app updated as there had been no updares sice the time it was launched. no change at all..... add some lively wallapapers... the ones present seem to suck... FB owns it but does not care for the app.. why the hell did they buy whatsapp. Sell to someone who can bring changes as pwr user.
Philipp S. review Philipp S.
Personally not a huge fan of these wallpapers. Most of them look like low quality wallpapers. Ended up using one though, therefore 3/5 Stars.
Adarsh Jobanputra review Adarsh Jobanputra
We want more wallpapers plz give us an update what fb is doing with whatsapp from me only one star for more "update required"
Zaria Garrison review Zaria Garrison
It's on it's awesome I love it so easy to use and I guess you can't do anything to make it better cuz its already better I love it so much oh my gosh is like it's awesome and you can use it really easily but this one little problem there's a problem that you can't change wallpaper on other chat if you do changes on the chat you just changed
Anton Joubert review Anton Joubert
It is wallpapers for WhatsApp. The only reason I got this was because, when using my own images as background images (even if they are high resolution) WhatsApp would lower the quality of the image and it would become 'smudged' in a sense! It became blurry, and I hate that! So ya, got this! Figured WhatsApp wouldn't do it to their own stuff.... and they don't! Kudos!
Mansi Sharma review Mansi Sharma
Awesome app Loved it fr each nd every fn. Plz do something to show how many contacts are online As I got to chk their profile to see whethr dey are online or not Plz do something Rest this app is awesome Me nd my friends love this app
I. Orubibi review I. Orubibi
Every time I try to I install, I get the same review of not too imaginative wallpapers. I'll be back in two months to see if the general reviews are positive.