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wetter.com - Weather and Radar 2.26.2 apk, update on 2018-08-06
A weather station for your Android phone by wetter.com!

This app provides you with
- 7-day forecast
- Current weather
- Homescreen Widget (not possible if installed on SD card!!)
- Powerful search + GPS positioning
- Animated rain radar (Germany & Spain) and forecast
- Weather warnings (Germany)
- Editorial forecast (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
- Weather Videos
- Live Weather Cameras

General information:
We have weather information for all over the world. But our home market is Germany. So the app is meant for german speaking countries and some of the information like the textual weather forecast or the weather warnings are only available in german!

How can I get help?
Please send an email to [email protected] with your problem details.

Widget Notice:
Widgets only work if the app is installed on internal storage. If the app is on external storage like a SD card, the widget dissapears. After reboot at the latest.
It is a technical issue which we can't change.
Some devices move the app to SD card automatically.

Translations: Version 2 of the app is only available in English and German.

wetter.com - Weather and Radar APK reviews

Karoline GolImer review Karoline GolImer
Super nützlich Funktionen, sehr durchdachte Widgets. Leider funktionier seit letztem Update das Widget nicht mehr (zeigt kein eher mehr an)
Stack Overflow review Stack Overflow
impossible top check the weather forcast after 0 o'clock from current day, data starts at 7 o'clock, please fix
Јован Аксић review Јован Аксић
Most accurate weather app, its my default one. 5 stars!
Jonas Hä review Jonas Hä
Gute Wettervorhersagen. Natürlich wie immer schwierig bei +3 Tagen. Sonst aber übersichtliche, gute App
Some Duderino review Some Duderino
Doesn't work
No weather notification in notification shade.
Foxease review Foxease
App completely stopped working since the last update. Reinstalling doesn't help either,
John Falcon review John Falcon
Wettervorhersage ist nur unzureichend. Oft war das vorhergesagte Wetter nur ein Anhaltspunkt. Tatsächlich war es den ganzen Tag sonnig, anstatt wie gemeldet komplett bewölkt. Regen der angesagt wurde kam oft nicht oder viel später. Eine nachträgliche Korrektur wurde nie eingetragen.
A Google user review A Google user
Don't pay for the ads removal! It's a scam! After a few months the ads appeared again and not after the promised year!!
A Google user review A Google user
Because is the best
Desiree Brunner review Desiree Brunner
Good forecast, don't use the widget but instead of the weather symbol in the status bar they could just write the current temperature. Sometimes app has connection errors but not often. Still the best weather app so far.
Basant Higazy review Basant Higazy
It's very helpful, especially during weather instability. You can see a live weather radar and get warnings, in case of storm or icy roads.
Mario Perez review Mario Perez
Invasive advertising. Disables volume control during playback. Wichtig: Ich halte mein Telefon ständig "ruhig". Wenn ein Video automatisch abgespielt wird und die Lautstärke des Videos nicht deaktiviert werden kann, entferne ich die Anwendung, die diese Aktion verursacht. Ansonsten ist die Anwendung sehr nett.
Tom De review Tom De
Übersichtlich und Zuverlässig. Das Regenradar hat mir als Radfahrer schon oft geholfen. Manchmal kleine Ruckler, vermutlich bedingt durch altes Handy (Zenfone2 auf Android 6 Custom)
Ryco Fischer review Ryco Fischer
It is a really good app! I like that you can add nultiple countries. When you just wanna check how warm it is and how warm your friends in another country are it's perfect : )
Spartaco CAZZADOR review Spartaco CAZZADOR
Fund my position but not give me the weather conditions only reload but no data
Jim Parkin review Jim Parkin
Besonders beeindruckend ist das 16- Tage-trend Function per Clip mit einem Meteorologen! Sonst nirgendwo gesehen in dieser Anschaulichkeit bzw. Ausführlichkeit
Sankha Subhra Mitra review Sankha Subhra Mitra
Great app!! Thanks to the app, I am akways upto date with the weather situation, irrespective of wherever I am..
Duncan Rudd review Duncan Rudd
Very good app. No British Isles weather showing on the radar map though. Otherwise good.
Flo W. review Flo W.
Gute App, nur das neue Widget ist Mist. Angaben zur Windrichtung und -geschwindigkeit fehlen!
Till Uhde review Till Uhde
Super Inhalte, ich finde bloß die Darstellung in der App stellenweise etwas unübersichtlich
Steffen Hildebrand review Steffen Hildebrand
Works flawlessly. And looks good. As accurate as forecasts can be. So what do you want more?
daniel jess review daniel jess
Too many ads so never watch the reports or warnings
Monika Koehler review Monika Koehler
Sometimes does not find place
Eloris404 review Eloris404
1* wegen permanenter Bewertungsbettelei. So nicht.
Annemarie Balaton review Annemarie Balaton
Precise and including weather warnings.
A Google user review A Google user
Tooo much ads!!!
Sigrid Vidar review Sigrid Vidar
Very helpful. I check the weather ahead and its quite precise.
Admir Avdić review Admir Avdić
The best weather application I have ever tried!
Mona NicLeòid review Mona NicLeòid
I like the look of it and the easy access to weather in several locations.
A Google user review A Google user
Almost always right
radostin901 Kooko review radostin901 Kooko
Die beste
Jans Sman review Jans Sman
Ich bin zufrieden,fantastic weather forecast
Christos Zapris review Christos Zapris
It works
preecha kiatkirakajorn review preecha kiatkirakajorn
The best weather forcast ever!
Frank Schmidt review Frank Schmidt
Genauer als meine anderen Apps. Top.
Ath. Palaskas review Ath. Palaskas
Accurate weather forecast
Imran khokhar review Imran khokhar
Alles gut
A Google user review A Google user
Great app and very accurate.
Mokhlesur rahman review Mokhlesur rahman
95% good result. fine apps.