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Werewolf Pro 2.4.1 apk, update on 2018-07-08
*** For the free version of this app, please go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.faudroids.werewolf ***

*** If you have already bought the pro version inside the free Werewolf app you don't need to buy this app! You will receive all updates via the free app :) ***

*** Questions, feedback? We want to hear from you! [email protected] ***

If you want to play the party game Werewolf (also known as Mafia), but all you are missing is a set of cards and you don't feel like using pen and paper, this app is for you. Simply configure how many players are participating, which roles you would like to use (e.g. how many werewolves etc.) and off you go. You will then be able to hand around your device and each player can tap to see their role.

More than 30 roles available!

- Werewolf
- Villager
- Seer
- Doctor
- Hunter
- Witch
- Priest
- Drunk
- Cupid
- Bodyguard
- Aura seer
- Seer apprentice
- Junior werewolf
- Amulet of protection holder
- Sect leader
- Leprous human
- Lycan
- Doppelganger
- Idiot
- Lone wolf
- Grumpy grandma
- Mayor
- Tough guy
- Handsome prince
- Harlot
- Mad scientist
- Mason
- Little girl
- Sorcerer
- Gunner
- Serial killer

Werewolf Pro APK reviews

sayalex3 T.V review sayalex3 T.V
Pro version is only really good for more than 5 players but still brilliant with less! Best mobile game going right now.
Leo Joly review Leo Joly
Very good game, very fun with friends but I think you can improve it by adding Custom roles cards and presets to start quickly !
Grace Funnell review Grace Funnell
Is it just me that I can't fish a game and I keeps put me back to me home page put form that it's not bad game now know why
Luke Thompson review Luke Thompson
This is an incredible implementation of a card game into an app. Definitely worth the 5$, very fun to play when there's nothing else to do
A Google user review A Google user
Really good game! I play it with friends, and my family. Definitely recommend it!
A Google user review A Google user
More roles in the werewolves' team would be great
Simon Palmer review Simon Palmer
Michael Schulz review Michael Schulz
Great game.
Sue Duncan review Sue Duncan
Before the last update, it was easy to rotate the players so everyone got a chance to be the Game Master. Now we have to delete, then add the player. Too much time used, especially when you play back to back games.
Isaac Bernosky review Isaac Bernosky
Defiantly a must buy and download. I play this everyday with my friends and we all love it!!!
Cole Christopher review Cole Christopher
Derailer: Happy villager I have a role idea of a person that can distract a person from doing there role for instance they distract the doctor so the doctor cannot do their role the next night Necromancer: Werewolf roles I think there should also be a person who should be able to control somebody like they can control a doctor and heal one of there werewolf teamates Also the sorcerer should be able to see who the werewolfs are and help the werewolfs find out who the Seers are so they should have a secret chat log
Blue Knight Studios review Blue Knight Studios
Great game
Md Nur Hakam review Md Nur Hakam
Love this game and now, there's an app for that haha. But, could there be an option for every player to view their roles first before actually starting the game?
Yusuf Akbar review Yusuf Akbar
Ron Nelson review Ron Nelson
I already rated the free version, this rocks! I've been playing it with my teen and pre-teen kids and we have a blast! We've been talking about having a werewolf party and inviting everyone! Great for anytime you have a crowd! I love it that the narrator gets to play a role as well.
Pan demonium review Pan demonium
Absolutely love this game. Was totally worth the money, just please make an option to not use certain roles when playing with random roles.
Ridh M review Ridh M
option to use certain role become true.. thanks developer..
Jowin Yip review Jowin Yip
Hunter role can change to choose one to kill after he/she is killed except he/she is poison by witch?
Ike Warut review Ike Warut
Pls update more role. I want every role in card version thx.
Rose4u review Rose4u
breaking friendship simulator P.S can you guys make the killing role skip their option to kill at night.
Tusuk Pantats review Tusuk Pantats
Best game with the best dev team ever! The apps is so nice and the dev is so communicatives about my problems, thank you so much! And keep up the good works!
iambank _knabmai review iambank _knabmai
Seer should see players as human or a werewolf //or in option mode plz
master sans review master sans
Its a cool game I mean awesome game but I think it's kinda stupid that you have to pay for more roles but still a awesome game
RVolterz review RVolterz
Love it,love it,and love it👍
Aiden Salcido review Aiden Salcido
It's an amazing game, I think that their should be more group roles, like the werewolves but another group that has different roles than just killing like healing, controlling another person to another person, pretending to be someone else - Im not going to leave a suggestion for a name if you do add another faction but please do! Thanks devs! Edit: Please add a Any role, Like let's say you add 2 of the any role there would be 2 random roles in the game other than the ones already in it. I would love for there to be a role that can control another player like an Alter Werewolf, you will pretend to be that person and use their action. Example: You control a bodyguard and protect your Werewolf friend, you will pretend to be a bodyguard and you will die.
JSCCCc SL 15# review JSCCCc SL 15#
Amazing game hope you add new role's
Hashtag F review Hashtag F
I want server for join play!!
Aditra f zuhdi review Aditra f zuhdi
This application is so great...better add more role like serial killer and gunner...and in the end of the game..pls show all players with their role and status too death or alive :D...oh yeah one more...pls add option ✓ (*show players role when he dead*) Thx dev.. you awesome 😎😎
Ozzyborn Hexson review Ozzyborn Hexson
This is a really awesome game! Over 20+ roles and being able to play with more then 20 people without any problems for the game is really good, and it's definitely a game I can't wait to see get better as I'm already loving it so far! ^o^
Memory Zelos review Memory Zelos
I Like this game so much!
IGN Dharmadhika review IGN Dharmadhika
Please add more role 😄