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Monitor health with the stress test and pulse checker in the heart rate app.

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Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor description

Get more insights about your heart health with a smart ecg heart rate monitor app: check heart rate, pulse and blood pressure, measure health, stress and productivity. Welltory analyzes heart rate variability (hrv) - a heart health marker backed by over 25,000 studies on PubMed. Loved by 6.5 million users, quoted by Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, TechCrunch, Product Hunt, Lifehacker and others.

Our symptom tracker uses heart rate variability to analyze your disease symptoms. By simply measuring your hrv using your smartphone camera or watch, Welltory tracks your symptoms and records any changes in your overall health. You can record your bp data and use our blood pressure checker analytics.

All-in-one Health Tracker App

- Use photoplethysmography (PPG) to detect heart rate
- Get hrv personalized results about stress, sleep, fitness and health based on an accurate pulse oximeter
- Evaluate your stress level and use the symptom checker to gain health insights
- Analyze your heartbeat with the heart rate monitor app, and perform stress test using the heartbeat checker.

Blood pressure tracker

- Sync blood pressure monitor or add BP data manually to know more about your cardiovascular health
- Log bp and start managing blood pressure by using our smart blood pressure tracker

More health data - more accurate health monitor

- Use 140+ data sources for daily health tracker
- Sync this ecg app with FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, MiFit, Polar, Mi Band, Oura, Withings and other wearables for more heart health data
- Connect with fitness, sleep, productivity, meditation apps - Google Fit, Huawei Health, Samsung Health, Strava, RescueTime, SleepCycle, Lifesum, Flo and others

Activity & fitness tracker

- Apply adaptive zones for training
- Compare the impact of different workouts for better heart health and stress level
- Track HRV at home for better heart health and sticking to your training plan

Stress Tracker

- Keep an eye on stress level and get stress relief guidance
- Get recommendations on how to cope with stress, panic attacks, and insomnia
- Both mental and physical biofeedback

Productivity App

- Use a screen time tracker RescueTime to get data about distraction and productivity
- Score how efficient your day was based on 3 smart productivity metrics: Productive time, Focus, and Schedule
- Get detailed analysis with recommendations and stop procrastinating

One app for hrv monitoring - many heart health insights. The American Heart Association recommends hrv tracker for ambulatory cardiogram or electrocardiography interpretation. Stress test are a modern way of solving health issues. Welltory is here for you and your heart health. Log blood pressure and heart rate to make sure that you are in good shape! A comprehensive body monitor solution designed to help you track and optimize your cardiovascular health.

Wear OS watch app
The Welltory Wear OS app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 classic, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5pro.
The Wear OS watch app is not compatible with the Pixel Watch and other Wear OS devices, but you can still use the main app.

Welltory can only measure your hrv and detect heartbeats. We cannot measure blood pressure or other vital signs. However, you may add data manually.
Heart rate monitor may cause hot LED flash. Try keeping your finger 1-2 mm away from the flashlight or lay just a tip of the finger on the flash or alternatively cover the flash with one half of the fingertip.
We provide health recommendations to improve your health. Our app should not be used as medical device or ekg interpretation. Should you however feel physically unwell we suggest that you consult your doctor.
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