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Physics for IIT-JEE/AIIMS by Shiv R. Goel (B.Tech., IIT -Delhi)

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Dear Student,

''Dream dream dream ! Conduct these dream into thoughts and then transform them into action''; these words of the living legend, visionary and our former president SH. A.P.J Abdul Kalam would become the driving force in your success. My Heartiest Congratulations to you for selecting IIT-JEE as your dream. The name IIT spells three alphabets standing tall, which symbolize the feel of ultimate achievment, learning oppurtunities, satisfaction and the esteem of being tested at the world's toughest competitive examination at 10+2 level. IITians epitomize the power of training and the way to do the things in a different manner.IIT alumnus have pursued their career in corporate world,scientific research ,politics,art or have become entrepreneur and the role model of the youth having zeal to do something unforgettable.

The year 2013 saw WAVES emerge as a leading instiutute in the region setting new benchmarks of selection rate in every competitive examination (IIT-JEE, JEE MAINS, BITS, VIT) as well as in CBSE board results. We will struve to override our own achievements year after year by virtue of our sheer hardwork and commitment.

The market today is flooded with books and material but the student must realize and the radical need of smart approach towards IIT-JEE .The only thing required from you is unwavering resilience and a dedicated effort.Keep in mind that you should not distract yourself and keep yourself motivated. Your self motivation will be the formula of success for you.

I welcome you at WAVES with a belief that you will put your whole hearted effort to achieve what you and what your parents have dreamt of.


Shiv R.Goel
B.tech (IIT-Delhi)
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