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About this product

You can edit your photos with these waterfall backgrounds and stickers

Waterfall Photo Editor -Frames description

Waterfall in summer is the perfect time to visit the waterfalls around and admire all Water flows down the hillside on all directions.

In some areas it falls in thick sheets from ridges high above. These waterfalls water is clean and clear, everyone will enjoy these falls. This enjoyment is meant for every age group. Everyone loves to enjoy these waterfalls. Play around provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today's busy world. This busy world is too stressed.

We can enjoy this movement of waterfalls in rainy and summer season. It’s commonly used for picnic spots. These waterfalls flow in to different rivers. It is pure water and basic need for every living organ tuning the life of the people.

It helps different aqua life to live through provision of oxygen. When falls over the edge of a cliff due to gravity, waterfalls are wonder for nature. The universal solvent is one of the major resources have on the planet. With such surreal scenery like this how could you be in good mood after being here. Health benefits include improved mood and mental health exercise, good respiration and optimization of limited time on earth. With such waterfalls sight sound make them so appealing to us. So every movement of life should be enjoyable and be happy with this kind of waterfalls and make peace in our life.

So our app will help you to edit your photo with these awesome waterfall backgrounds, you can place your picture at falls and can imagine that you were enjoy these falls by editing your picture.

How to Use:

1. Select a photo from the gallery or take a selfie with your device camera.
2. Crop or Cut your photo as you like with the help of Crop tool in this Waterfall app
3. In this Waterfall Backgrounds app you can use Erase option to remove unwanted part from your picture
4. Select a best photo Background which will suit to your Pic in this photo editor app.
5. Select Stickers from the list in this Waterfall background editor and drag it to the right position, rotate it, multi touch to resize it.
6. Apply color effects and save your final graceful picture in your gallery.

Finally Share your completely edited photo output with your friends using various social media networks.
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