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Warlings 4.0.2 apk, update on 2019-09-01
Incoming the ultimate shootout! Unleash hell on the enemy - use guns, tactics and dirty tricks! We give you six battlefields, a bunch of weapons and a crack team of warlings to execute your combat manoeuvres. Fight in space, at sea, in the air and much more!

Play with friends - hotseat and Bluetooth modes available.

Get some action. To war!

Warlings APK reviews

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Jeremiah Singleton review Jeremiah Singleton
Thank you!
Thank you for making a great fun game--especially one that you can play over bluetooth. Gameplay is smooth and entertaining. Perhaps adding a wind factor might enrich the game a bit and sometimes the game is glitchy during bluetooth games (not letting you aim weapons anywhere but straight down). But overall, an easy 5 star game
Phil Dipguy review Phil Dipguy
Good game, biggest changes needed. 1. Accuracy/aiming seems to be off 2. Keep firing yet too often hitting something like a little edge in front of me despite aiming showing it would go over that. 3. Scrap the aggressive ads forcing me to the Google play store 4. Option for friendly fire to be turned off. 5. Seems to be a glitch with carrots where they hit but do no damage to Ai 6. Would be nice if Ai sometimes missed with poison spell
The Ghost review The Ghost
Great F****** Game. Retro Gamer Certified!
This game is everything anybody needs to have. It is a great game for all ages! Being a retro gamer, I like the turn based style of this game. It allows the player a certain amount of time to make a decision while also adding pressure into the situation. The strategy is well constructed, it will keep you on your toes. Did I mention how awesome the multiplayer function is? Not only can you battle head to head with players around the world, you can also use bluetooth to play the person sitting next to you!
jonathan ng review jonathan ng
Not fun!
I end the game dut it do not have new GUNS OR NEW BOOM IS NOT FUN I HOP IT IS FIX
Kevin Sutcliffe review Kevin Sutcliffe
Fun to play
Game is fun I would like to see more wepons and levels in the future, Possably even customize worms into classes. Only negative I've come across on multi player is the unlimited time to rdy up, causing me to quit and them getting a win
Mark Anthony review Mark Anthony
3 star.
I can give 5 if i get my carrot bomb. Bcouz i cant get my carrot bomb even i already like the oage in fb.
Toua Xiong review Toua Xiong
Good game, not too much fratures, weapon etc, but what annoys me is when playing multiplayer, noobs would sit it out to win the game, there should be a timing 10 sec or 15 sec for them to tap into their turn and if not they get their 30-40 gun time and the turn is forfeited if they dont tap into game time.
Goran Vasic review Goran Vasic
Not the best but it could be
Bugs. More weapons would be an asset. Change it and you will have it ** :)
Frans Fonville review Frans Fonville
Multiplayer is so much fun
I have loved this game ever since I discovered it in the play store. The graphics are good, there are no bugs and the multiplayer is great even though I almost always lose :-)
Christian Skoda review Christian Skoda
Can't play it. Every time I click on multi-player and Bluetooth the game crashes my whole phone. Screen freezes and nothing I do brings it back. Have to long press power button to switch off phone. Why not make multi-player similar like Bomberfriends where it works flawlessly. Huawei Mate 10, Android 8.0
MineDodge review MineDodge
I like the game other than 2 problems. When firing weapons sometimes I somehow zoom in with 1 finger and can't manipulate the shooting direction (this caused me to lose a couple of rounds) and the ads are way to long
Darren Wilkinson review Darren Wilkinson
Not at all like worms. A cheap knock off that crashes often and has invasive ads. If you like looking at screens that read 'waiting for connection' you'll love this.
sLyKnEzZ review sLyKnEzZ
Would be nice and 5 star if i didnt have to deal with a 30 second add after EVERY match. Other than that it's a fun time wasting game.
forrest james review forrest james
Theres a 30 second ad every 1 or 2 games and everything costs money or you can work forever for them. Online wont work
Marko Avbelj review Marko Avbelj
Great game but crashing all the time. Play 1 game and next 3 will crash