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War Robots 4.1.1 apk, update on 2018-07-25
War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Metal Warriors!

It's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture all the beacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combat strength, speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from battle!

– 39 battle robots with different strengths;
– more than 40 weapon types, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will you choose?
– many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create a war machine to fit your own play style;
– create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories;
– join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world;
– complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the Best Pilot title.

Onward, soldier! Victory is yours!

Want to talk about the game or find allies?
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Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWR_by_Pixonic
Watch new videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WALKINGWARROBOTS
Find all about WR on our Knowledge Base: http://faq.wwr.mobi/hc/en-us/

Important note: This application requires a stable internet connection.
Enjoy the game!

War Robots APK reviews

kirill kapaln review kirill kapaln
Undocumented bug fix requires new review. :/ Make controls edit able for 5 stars. Bots n weaps are faster to obtain and much longer to level so I wont wait so long to get newer gear (about 6 months but the old new stuff is competitive with newest stuff). On screen controls cant be changed. My favorite gameplay. Can get grindy. New Leo model mummy skin is too light.
Ralph Ayoub review Ralph Ayoub
i've been playing this game 2+ years, it was great until ur last update and King Of Hill, plz guys, if u can separate king of hill. and beacon rush and the other do it, u cnt force us to play it, 2nd i want to ask about upgrade time🤦‍♂️, we dnt hve an unlimited life time to wait for it, make it less 30%,plz its not right. other then that i'm not gonna talk about components weopons and robots bcz of the deal u did, it was great, it might take time but its worth it. but plz just fix the upgrade time or put another engineer so we can upgrade 2 things together. i hope u reply or read this. The Best Game On Android.
JA 5555 review JA 5555
The developers have made progressing in the game difficult and extremely long. We are talking months the level materials to point where you have a chance to compete with the meta without spending serious cash. Just added whar they call boosts that need to be bought with real money to compete with the top. If you are looking to play casually it is a great game but if you play games and like to compete with the best i would reccomend looking elsewhere. Side note once you link your account to your google play store account you are not allowed to channge it.
Matthew Hyde review Matthew Hyde
Great game tho the "cheaper" bots and weapons dont seem to have happend yet upgrade time has definitely gone up.. also while it's a good idea the hell burner bots ability doesnt seem to work as described. It should would like mercury's but it doesnt ever seem to do the amount of damage stated.. as well as the final death from it doesnt do almost any damage as described fix that and it's a decent bot kinda
A Google user review A Google user
Simply AWESOMENESS!!! robots and battlefield combine sometimes feels like star wars. but I rised to quickly and there is millions of star rate players out there to out wit or get lucky with 😂, yeah better rewards tho and wasted too much gold at the start on paint job at the start. tip just save it for more important things.you'll have a smoother climb
Bryan Islary review Bryan Islary
The 2 hrs key crates has been dropped from 50 key to 40 key. I don't support this decision. We can't play all day for super chest. 2 hrs play is all I can do. Before i could reach super chest by the end of month now its not possible for me. So I would like the developers to please bring the decision to give us 50 keys in 2hrs crate
Jeremy McDonald review Jeremy McDonald
Super fun game if you dont mind paying to play because if you dont you get beat by players that do. On top of just getting to see new stuff as it comes out. By the time you get something new its been surpassed by something bigger and better. So with persistance and patience its fun. If not then this probably isn't the game for you.
Sandy Lawn review Sandy Lawn
Excellent game play. The game relies on people working as a team with unknown others. No surprise many idiot teenagers are hopeless at team work, so gaining big wins are actually a challenge. They dont know how to play king of the hill either. Devs need to consider removing king of the hill as most players dont understand it.
Waaay Better Now. Nust fix the bots getting stuck on walls please. After jumping sometimes they'll get hooked and stuck and you can't get off. At least let us eject weapons so we can move faster or unhook from the wall
Miranda Lee review Miranda Lee
AMAZING! This game has so many good qualities about it! First, it has no adverts. We ALL hate ads because they usually pop up at the worst moments. Second, the quality of the game is extremely good for a mobile game. The graphics are really a great key to a good gameplay. Third, it is addictive. That way, it's something to do when you're bored!😂
Jack Li review Jack Li
Amazing game, but the new weapons and robots are getting a bit too powerful. What about the old ones like the destrier? The destrier was the first bot we used to eliminate players, the first bot we used to capture beacons and most importantly, they are the FIRST bot we ever played in Walking War Robots
Haiyan Zedan review Haiyan Zedan
It's a good game, lots of mechanics that make you think "What?" And much more! I love the game. It was buggy but amazing! I totally recommended It! But there is a lot of bugs. Like when I am walking, it teleports me to a random place! I would say it's a 9 out of 10. Great game! Keep it up!
Jaime Datuin review Jaime Datuin
Not sure why but even when I do my very best and lose I shouldn't get such a massive negative rating. Not fair when you're charging in trying to capture beacons with a slow robot against these high end upgraded robots.
William Lennox review William Lennox
Ive played this game for a little over 3 year now and it has Real good graphics the best I've seen on a mobile device since the new 4.2 updates all bugs are fixed and even more robots and weapons for those who think it's pay to play or win this is not the case all you need is patients and skilful game play upgrades and levelling all depend on you as a person. You can buy or collect componets. Weather your instant gratification player 😑 or a sweat and tears gamer like myself 😎 this game has it all . Levels,upgrades, leaderboards, championships, clans, custom skins, jumping, flying, dashing,stealth, rockets,bullets,missiles,mortars and a whole lot of mayhem. Come and join and I'll see you on the battle field. GOOD LUCK OUT THERE.
dhope896 review dhope896
This game is a joke! Another worthless update as if the game play wasn't terrible enough already! They have to do it on purpose because I play so many other games without this problem so why are they acting as if it can't be fixed?
Smo Kitty review Smo Kitty
The perfect example of a good game getting ruined by greed. What was once a balanced game is now a haven for wallet warriors who depend more on buying their victories than on skill. If you don't spend A LOT of money you will find yourself grossly underpowered and unable to compete. They even add battle boosters to help the wallet warriors buy their wins. The pricing is insane! I truly think this is the most expensive game online to play. Don't waste your time unless you enjoy spending tons of money to brag about unfair wins.
Scouro Boros review Scouro Boros
Only pay for win after the lower tiers. This was my favorite game for years. The new dash bots have completely ruined it. Disproportionate power + dash ability + network latency = enemies who can close and kill faster than your phone can show you. There seems to be a lot more concern for pumping out new items that render legacy bots/weapons obsolete than there is for making the game run smoothly or innovating on the game itself. Good luck getting any more money out of me.
You For Real? review You For Real?
Waiting for hours/days for upgrades is irritating 😒 If you don't want to pay, then I hope you have patience. Over all, its a great game! ☺
Master_Rice 21 review Master_Rice 21
There needs to be an option to see what level of weaponry your opponents have. I'm pretty sure I'm getting matched based on my level and it feels like my oppenents severely outgunned me. It says it matchmakes based on rating which seems to make it worse. My level 5 weaponry and robots are getting torn down. My weapons barely move their health bars, but they seem to be able to tear right through my health. Maybe I'm under leveled, but doesn't that mean I should get matched with people with similar level of my robots and weapons. Please fix this matchmaking and/or allow viewing of the level of weaponry and robot of players and it will be good.
parakala Srinivasareddy review parakala Srinivasareddy
Biggest drawback is ,when ever their is update , you have to download total game, nearly 580mb data is getting wasted for every update. Game is fully commercial, it will be forcing you to purchase. For every new items.
Juan Roldan review Juan Roldan
This game is really fun, challenging, and competitive. the only thing i would change is for the ability to upgrade more than one thing at a time. i feel like with the in game purchases being so expensive at least let us update what we want when we want. if we have the money we should be able to update several things at once and not wait what seems to be almost an entire day to upgrade something else.
Xavier Gaming review Xavier Gaming
War Robots is the best game you could ever play. Addictive, Awsome,Easy Controlls, challenging aponents. The only bad thing is the dash bots, they ruin trying to play the game and they kill you way ro fast. They are to powerfull but otherwise the game is the best you can get.
Noah Rehm review Noah Rehm
I love the game.. Just wish there were a campaign mode so it wasn't always PvP and you were able to earn currency in a variety of ways instead of straight up battles.. Besides that, the game is awesome.
Slender V13 review Slender V13
Frankly, this game does a great job at what it does best. You wanna shoot some people with robots? Go and do that! The more you play, the harder it gets as you fight people with better robots and the game wants you to make microtransactions. It's obvious, but you can still have fun without them. The controls are a bit wonky but you get used to it.
Defecticon review Defecticon
The game is pay to win. All new weapons and robots need components and are hard to get, that is if you don't buy them. The component weapons are overpowered compared to those that need silver, gold, or even workshop points (which are used only in buying just 4 robots, 4 weapons and some deals). The weapons that used to dominate the battlefield (ie, magnums, tarans) now are hopeless when against the new content. The game basically laughs at those who don't spend money through these new weapons and robots, them being hilariously underpowered and destroyed within seconds. Until this is fixed, where stuff that needs components is balanced with the rest of the weapons and/or is easier to obtain, I am uninstalling the game, and am not going to reinstall ever again.
Hong Jay Teo review Hong Jay Teo
Now,the game has a lot of in game purchases for weapons that are very powerful like shocktrain. Apart from the star invasion,there has not been much missions for player to get good gear. After update 4.1,I could no longer open the app.
Cena IsMyName review Cena IsMyName
Great game! Addictive time-passer... Well, it used to be. Now i it is all about pay to win. Only rich players will get the best weapons and robots, while the free player only get to use butch/lancelot and zeus or orkan as weapons, since the new bots and weapons require components to acquire, it is hard to keep up with those who have money.
Pascal De Rudder review Pascal De Rudder
Just love this game! Too bad it costs or quite some money or even more time. You need a lot of patience to level up, certainly when you do not have a clear path or even better a precise goal to work to. Lots of ads also but I can still bare it and I seem not to be alone. I play it almost every day a 2 or 3 games. It is just pure fun for me, shooting with self evolved and self packed robots on other robots that are driven by other players with their own tactics. It is not mindless shooting, you do need an own tactic, an evolve plan, the patience for time and to get over the fact that some things are not what they seem to be é.g. lotto. 😉. But It would be nice if it was a real "wheel of fortune" and not a rigged one. Still: 5 good earned stars from me!
Matt Laffar review Matt Laffar
Brilliant game been on it about 2 years now but it's becoming a pay to play game not pay to win. Prices are stupid and it's virtually impossible to get the good weapons and robots without paying there very silly prices.
Arnold Ramirez review Arnold Ramirez
Getting better with balancing opponents and weapon strength. Graphics are good but controls are still bad specially for smaller mobiles. Robots still shoot on bots behind walls even when auto targetting is off. New bots are still very expensive but who cares.
Chandra Moyer review Chandra Moyer
Best. Game. Ever. Like seriously. I would love if the game was a little bit more challenging. Like. More enemies faster enemies. Or different things to do to defeat the enemies besides just shooting the other team and overtaking beacons
Timothy Covar review Timothy Covar
Game is rigged as F. If you don't pay for premium then your chest rolls are all rigged. I guarantee that on a 10key chest you'll get either tokens or silver on a 100key chest you might get a WarBot but more than likely you'll get credits, silver, small amounts of gold. I haven't even bothered to try for a 1000key chest as these others are all rigged already.
Robert Poghen review Robert Poghen
ALL REAL REVIEWS 7/23/18!!!Money grabber! Not even pay to win, it's pay to try new weapons and bots, or don't play them at all. I've been on this game for years, and even players who pay thousands of $ still can't stay on top and be the best. The ridiculously over priced bots and weapons with starting prices in the hundreds $ makes this game just down right pathetic. Oh and hey guys, if you buy the new weapons and bots that we make OP on purpose, we will take care of you by putting out an update to make those items worthless in the near future. Enjoy this never ending money pit, because if you never pay, you will only get to try new items on the test server! Have fun, because that's all Pixonic wants... No you can't earn anything by playing more, you earn by spending more.
Brent Stevens review Brent Stevens
Gets worse and worse every update, been playing two years.. Can't see me lasting much longer unless developers change the path they are going down.
Ifeanyi Achukwu review Ifeanyi Achukwu
Best shooting game for me. But don't like downloading entire game again during updates. This is bad because the updates are large 500mb+. Wasting my data on updates.
Carson Brooks review Carson Brooks
YOU GUYS DON'T LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS!!!!! Game is not as fun as it use to be playing. Of the last 25 matches I played 80% of the games I have played been either TDM or KOTH. You guys are forcing us to play modes that we don't want to. You can create weapons and robots, but can't have BR and Domination by themselves? Bunch of BS with the explanation that you gave in an email. Some weapons are way to strong. Matching sucks and plenty of more things that are so wr.ng. When I first played it was fun....over time you guys took the fun away. Workshop still stagnant, levels are stagnant....ya'll ruined the game
Carter King review Carter King
Used to be great. Now nothing more than pay to win. Developers keep adding overpowered weapons that realistically cannot be earned by playing. Also, no penalty for not playing objectives, so players just hide and snipe.
Eric Hartman review Eric Hartman
Good game! Excellent graphics. Can pay to win but will ultimately end up against others doing the same. the leagues tend to balance it out and generally keep you from being severely unmatched (it does happen though!)
Čŕiñģë Ğøđ review Čŕiñģë Ğøđ
This game is the worst , the game developers only care about bringing unbalanced weapons into the game and making money from it , they dont fix the bugs that are there in the game from long ago and also this is the only game that doesnt let u choose the game mode which u want to play in .
A Google user review A Google user
New update makes things worse now MK3 with boosters(now fury can get .250k health).it's taking too much time to upgrade and so much silver needed,your company is forcing as to buy booster for at least get a chance.Not good for a free players.If you can't spend 100£ a week then you must tank to silver league in order to get fun,and a stupid matchmaking system put you in 8000+ legend league enemies even you u in master league 2.