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Your source for all Grainger.com® offers. Search & compare over 1.0M products.

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The Grainger® app for Android is designed to deliver all that Grainger has to offer no matter where the job takes you. Use the app to quickly narrow down your search, check account pricing, check item availability at a nearby branch, or manage costs with the Grainger KeepStock® inventory management

• Real-Time Availability - Get an expected arrival date or find out if your item is available at a nearby branch. •
• KeepStock - Manage, track and control your inventory costs on an agile inventory management system.
• Barcode Scanning - Scan a product and drop it right into your cart.
• Search by Image - Snap a picture of the product you need and drop it right in to your cart.
• Find a Branch - Locate your nearest branch for quick pickup.
• Chat With an Expert - Have questions? Upload a photo and get answers from a specialist on the spot.
• Pending Orders - Keep track of all the orders waiting for your approval.
• Lists - Access lists on Grainger.com® for quick reordering.
• Order History - Check the status of a current order, or go back to previous orders over the last 36 months. It doesn’t matter how you ordered.

Need Help? Contact us at 1-800-472-4643.

Grainger, Grainger.com and KeepStock are trademarks of W.W. Grainger, Inc.
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