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VPN Private
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VPN Private 1.7.5 apk, update on 2018-09-24
Where are you? Doesn't matter!
What website do you want to visit? Doesn't matter at all!
VPN Private - is all you need!
This beautifully made app will hide your real IP thus you can
visit any website or app you want being anonymously and protected!

Your privacy - our main goal !!!

Why VPN Private?
1. Extremely Fast! (No Speed Limits)
2. More than 20 Countries Worldwide to connect. (Including USA Locations)
3. P2P Friendly! You can download torrents and share files being 100% Protected!
4. Easy and Friendly interface. (One click connect)
5. Unlimited Bandwidth.
6. No logs!
7. Unblocks blocked websites and apps such as: Facebook, Youtube, Google, Whatsapp, Skype and much more!
8. Bypass blocked websites at your work or school!

And, of course, our main feature - this app is 100% FREE!!!

VPN Private APK reviews

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M. Irfan Firstiandy review M. Irfan Firstiandy
Makasih banget lhoo, buat buka situs yg diblok jadi gampang :)
Tonnys Blade review Tonnys Blade
It's asome and it works cool man !!!
Dale Timothy review Dale Timothy
Very good VPN, I just wish it was a bit faster.
barry williams review barry williams
Jusy testing so far so good
Thimiraana Thamizhan review Thimiraana Thamizhan
I don't know
I Trigger People For a Living review I Trigger People For a Living
When I tried to hit okay to allow the vpn to set up, but it simply wont let me.
Eduelio Palomar review Eduelio Palomar
ask u to rate to add location how can you rate if you havent used it yet?
Ranjan Agarwal review Ranjan Agarwal
Nice app
Tedathin Maheraw review Tedathin Maheraw
Legit App!!! I crossed referenced my ip address before and after activation and everything seems to be accurate. A 60 min. browsing time limit begins when the "connect" button is pushed, but, I was able to resart the timer to 60 min. at any point. Useful app for anyone up to no good like ☆myself☆.
Ben Alawi review Ben Alawi
This is a fake app that pretends to mask your real ip when it doesn't. And it only offers 3 countries to connect to but to get more they'll force you to first give them 5 stars rating. What a waste of time!
TK Hackysack review TK Hackysack
Does everything as advertised. User interface is friendly. in today's world of profiting by advertising inside of free apps, this app is incredibly generous. It doesn't shove an ad in your face every 30 seconds like most free apps (of all kinds). An absolute must have for anyone.
Stephen Luci review Stephen Luci
Keeps connecting on its own, interfering with identification on commonly used sites. I go to my google account and it raises a flag because it has me logging in from another country.This would be fine if this was my intent, but I did not ask the app to activate, it connected on its own. This is very frustrating.
Ace Super review Ace Super
Good before.. But now it getting worst! Ads pops out sometimes everytime I open some page. So annoying.
Tom Aldridge review Tom Aldridge
This is fake. Their IP shows different location. I tried different location search and it came back same as before. Fake app in my opinion.
A Google user review A Google user
I gave you guys 3stars because you to work on your locations because some of the countrys here doesnt have 4g connection?can you please add japan and other asian nation who has the fastest internet connection... For the app to be usefull?but all in all not bad. . Hope you make some updates on this. . .