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About this product

Voxco Mobile Offline for Android: Flexible personal interviewing app

Voxco Mobile Offline V3 description

Voxco Mobile Offline is one of the industry’s most flexible personal interviewing platforms.

Designed to maximize interviewer productivity in the field, the app works seamlessly online and offline, automatically synchronizing data with a centralized server when a network connection is available.

Built on the powerful Voxco Survey platform, Voxco Mobile Offline offers advanced features that increase the efficiency of your personal interviewing survey projects:

• Powerful survey design features: Create engaging surveys with dozens of question types, advanced logic capabilities, customizable themes & design, and embedded multimedia
• Intuitive interviewer interface: Seamless interviewing experience; FAQs section for beginners
• Unlimited offline interviewing: Interview data is stored on-device between syncs
• Robust project management: Flexible case assignment, user access rights, quotas & messaging
• Flexible user logins: The app allows for multiple user logins on the same device, and stores each user’s data separately

Voxco Mobile Offline for Android is designed for smartphones and tablets running Android Kitkat OS or newer.

Note: you must have a Voxco account to use this app for personal interviewing survey projects. Get in touch with Voxco today to get the most out of your field research studies: [email protected]

Voxco offers one of the most flexible multichannel survey platforms in the industry. Maximum survey efficiency featuring one centralized database across multiple channels: device-responsive online surveys, phone interviews, and face-to-face offline interviews. Clients appreciate our advanced logic & design features, interactive results dashboards, robust panel management, and personalized customer service. 25+ years’ experience. Clients in 30+ countries. Sales/support in USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany and Australia.
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