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Book a video call with a veterinarian

Agria Vet Guide description

At Agria Vet Guide you can meet with a vet wherever you are at a time that suits you. You get access to digital veterinary advice in the app every day of the week.
- Meet a vet wherever you are
- Open every day of the year
- Free for you with an Agria insurance policy

Download Agria Vet Guide today, register your pet and you will then be able to access a vet easily if you need to. We offer advice, triage and an opinion on the current health status of your pet. With Agria Vet Guide downloaded, a vet is never far away.

Our vets can help you if you are worried about your pet’s health. Agria policyholders have free access to unlimited digital consultations with our Agria Vet Guide vets. Uninsured customers can also access the assistance of an Agria Vet Guide vet by a cost for each booked appointment.

This is how you do it
Download the app, register with your email address, add your animal, book a time and see a vet. Quick and easy!

At Agria Vet Guide you can obtain general advice and triage from our vets. Agria Vet Guide can help you manage your pet’s health concern:
- Vomiting and diarrhoea
- Itching, skin and coat problems
- Eye and ear issues
- Coughing and sneezing
- Toxin ingestion and exposure
- Non acute wounds and accidents
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