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a simple free and offline map of Valencia Metro

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Valencia, Catalan València, comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of eastern Spain. It occupies a long and narrow area aligned on a rough north-south axis along the Mediterranean Sea, which lies to the east.

Modern Valencia is known for the Municipal park, the City of arts and sciences, Oceanographic and national museum. But those are just some of the biggest. There are many smaller landmarks of modern Valencia that has also been able to keep its traditional properties and the authentic Spanish way of life.

None more than Barrio del Karmen. A historical city center with many bars, restaurants, and clubs. Probably the most known is Calle Caballeros street.

Valencia is an easy city to live in. Some estimate it sees almost 11 months of sun during the year.

Food is excellent. The most important dish is paella. One should taste their cheese and Jamon Iberico, and Iberian ham. For a drink, Sangria with fruits is a must.
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