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UNO ™ & Friends 3.3.3e apk, update on 2017-10-15
UNO™ & Friends: Fast Fun for Everyone!

UNO™, the world's most beloved card game, introduces a new free social experience!

Playing UNO™ with friends, family, and the millions of fans worldwide has never been easier! Join one of the largest mobile gaming communities and enjoy a free multiplayer experience, brand-new game modes and tournaments that let you shout ""UNO!"" on a whole new level!


√ Easy to learn, difficult to put down!
√ Play in Tournaments and become an UNO champion!
√ Team up for the win in 2vs2 UNO!
√ Use Boosts & Companions to diversify your strategy!
√ Level up your UNO Companions and unleash their powers!
√ Create custom games and invite your friends to play!
√ Challenge millions of UNO fans worldwide!


You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, and are activated when you input your Google Play account password, without the need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.
In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting the authentication settings within your Play Store settings (Google Play Store Home > Settings > Require authentication for purchases) and setting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutes or Never.
Disabling password protection may result in unauthorized purchases. We strongly encourage you to keep password protection turned on if you have children or if others could have access to your device.
This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in the Settings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-based ads.
Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet.

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+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.3e (Updated: 2017-10-15 05:52:36, size: 21,947,416)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.3e (Updated: 2017-09-20 11:03:55, size: 19,971,071)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.2c (Updated: 2017-06-13 01:08:21, size: 19,971,339)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.1e (Updated: 2017-03-21 18:22:41, size: 22,395,729)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.1e (Updated: 2017-03-10 10:57:17, size: 20,394,048)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.0m (Updated: 2017-03-06 06:06:22, size: 22,393,821)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.3.0m (Updated: 2017-02-08 21:23:50, size: 20,391,135)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.2.1a (Updated: 2016-12-17 23:27:23, size: 20,882,256)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.1.0h (Updated: 2016-10-26 16:29:17, size: 22,014,179)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.0.0n (Updated: 2016-09-19 16:38:13, size: 21,968,217)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 3.0.0n (Updated: 2016-09-16 10:07:36, size: 20,157,441)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.9.1b (Updated: 2016-07-23 05:42:12, size: 18,052,853)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.9.0f (Updated: 2016-06-30 02:28:32, size: 19,724,949)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.9.0f (Updated: 2016-06-29 11:43:19, size: 18,051,680)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.8.0e (Updated: 2016-05-27 05:09:14, size: 17,970,930)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.8.0e (Updated: 2016-05-26 05:12:18, size: 19,620,323)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.7.0q (Updated: 2016-04-22 05:24:17, size: 21,010,156)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.7.0q (Updated: 2016-04-21 05:08:52, size: 19,360,386)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.6.3i (Updated: 2016-03-11 03:58:55, size: 18,284,360)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.6.3i (Updated: 2016-02-29 09:36:26, size: 19,880,325)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.6.2a (Updated: 2016-01-10 22:34:56, size: 17,955,553)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.6.1a (Updated: 2016-01-10 22:34:52, size: 17,955,836)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.6.0p (Updated: 2016-01-10 22:34:49, size: 17,955,567)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.4.3a (Updated: 2016-01-10 22:34:45, size: 18,971,601)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.4.0h (Updated: 2016-01-10 22:34:41, size: 18,970,224)
+ UNO ™ & Friends version 2.3.0m (Updated: 2016-01-10 22:34:36, size: 17,803,613)

UNO ™ & Friends APK reviews

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Sonya Malone review Sonya Malone
This game does not play 3 rounds all of the time but it will still take your purchased coins I need a refund please for $6.99. This is happened before to I've purchased a lot of coins and I'm sick of being ripped off by this game.. Check the game and see owners of this site and refund my coins please.
Clarence McNary review Clarence McNary
Uno and friends
It's fun playing, get too play different people all over da world, come join da fun!
rinu rajan review rinu rajan
Very good...but
Everything is fine except for your friends shown offline. The app shows your friends being offline even when you just had a match with them a minute or so ago. Pls fix!!
Claudy Pereira review Claudy Pereira
Omg I am stupid I was on sliver and I wined so then I by mistake delete it but now the updated will be the best update ☺☺
Antonio Vann review Antonio Vann
The best
Vienkha Armaila review Vienkha Armaila
When server not connection, never give me back a tokens!!
Michael Hardy Sr review Michael Hardy Sr
This was a Great freemium game.
After the update my account was reset back to lvl 1. I clicked to restore purchases and my vip status was restored but not anything else. I logged out of fb, restarted my phone, and logged back into fb and nothing. I guess i am done playing this game. Such a shame as i enjoyed playing it and had spent quite some time lon this game. You email the game developers and you never hear back from them. They just want your $ and thats all.
Rod S review Rod S
Excellent, enjoying ☺
Ashley Lucas review Ashley Lucas
I love the game.....
I absolutely love the game. Started playing two years ago. Then my game reset and I had to start over so I quit. Then I downloaded months later and started playing again. Loved all the updates and finally got to a high level. I sign on today and everything reset... Was very disappointed this happend to me AGAIN. As much as I wanted to play for the unicorns. If you guys can hurry and fix this will change to 5 stars. Thank you!
Shay A review Shay A
I like it
You can get 2 free coins from watching a 30 second ad. I must be lucky cuz my game is full of ads to watch b4 playing. Pet perks are fine. It tells you how many times per game the perk will work and how to activate them. Quick rounds you dont earn game tokens BUT you can earn game coins. My only issue is the slow loading between rounds.
Naquetta Faulkner review Naquetta Faulkner
Mine never let's me watch videos to earn tokens or coins. Haven't played mine all day and it tells me I don't have any tokens saying there's an error. I also hate how when I get to the last round in the tournaments it kicks me out saying there was an error. Whatever these glitches may be, please fix it.
Sharena E review Sharena E
Not working!
Look! I love this game, it is quite fun. But don't tell me to update, if your servers aren't ready. "Sorry, Uno and Friends is having touble connecting. Please be patient." ??? FIX IT!
Isaiah Domond review Isaiah Domond
Getting Bullied only for females
this game is great but after i did my friends and others laughed at me b/c they said i was playing a female game b/c of the females on the front i think im going to jump off my bunk bed
Nicole Herbert review Nicole Herbert
Fun game to play. I am glad to finally see more levels in the Journey. However, the loading times are almost ridiculous. it took me a half hour to play 3 games in Journey. It even kicked me out of the app twice while I was waiting for it to load.
What happen to my rewards
Doesn't always receive your rewards after you win games and tournament. Please fix this problem