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Unlight:SchizoChronicle 1.13.28175 apk, update on 2017-11-03



戦略的にデッキを構築・強化し、他プレイヤーより多くの「シェードポイント」を獲得しましょう! "Unlight: SchizoChronicle" is a real-time deck building game.

Is a key to solving the mystery of a multiple world was chaotic, fragments of chaos "shade"
In order to collect it, you must confront the mighty monsters.
Collect the character to survive, let's make a deck built to match the ever-changing war situation in real time.

Puppet deck by making full use of the strategy, let's Misadame the whereabouts of this world!

○ real-time deck building game
Every turn each player card purchase and, do battle with monsters.
If you purchase the card, the card is added to your deck, if the victory in the battle of the monster "shade point" is to come.
Strategically to build and strengthen the deck, and earn more than the other players of the "shade point"!

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Venus Yew review Venus Yew
Charlie Lewis review Charlie Lewis
Gavin Flores review Gavin Flores
It's a great game and all but I wish they're were more characters in the game, like Stacia and etc.
I can't open the game please fix it
Joanna Ng review Joanna Ng
I wasn't even able to open the game!
Apryl Oliverio review Apryl Oliverio
Unlight's the best game ever!