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Underlove Stories : Naomi
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Underlove Stories : Naomi 1.6.82 apk, update on 2017-02-18
An awesome visual novel game


♥♥♥♥♥ Played and enjoyed by THOUSANDS of visual novel and music lovers around the world!

♥♥♥♥♥ Step into the shoes of Naomi Brannon and become a top musician

♥♥♥♥♥ Classic otome dating visual novel, roleplaying game

♥♥♥♥♥ This virtual love story will progress on the choices you make in this romantic otome game by Tictales. Download this ultimate musical visual novel game “Underlove Stories : Naomi”, you’ll fall in love with it.


★★★★★Amazing, Love the plot of the story – Peyton Carter

★★★★★Keep up the good work. Pls make more and also pls extend the number of touch for the stories. Thanks - Asanda Vilakazi

★★★★★Very Good. I've been able to play a lot, I'm hooked a lot, I can’t wait to keep playing it :) -
Kassie García

Follow the footsteps of Naomi Brannon, an ambitious young girl with a passion for music, trying to find herself in the concrete jungle of New York. Create and control your own story, follow your dreams, choose your path and let destiny lead you to the love you deserve in this roleplaying virtual dating game.

You’re not only a reader but playing your role as a girl named Naomi in this virtual love story. The choices you make influence the story progression and define the endings. So make your choices wisely to fall in love with the right person and to have a happy ending.

How to Play:

Get registered with your email address if you’re not already registered with Tictales. Start reading this roleplaying game and make your choices to progress story when you are asked to. You are a struggling musician girl who accidently becomes a CEO of a broken music company left by your father. Now it’s your job to stand the company on its feet again by making the right decisions. Recruit and hire the best rising talent to work with and listen to your heart to find the right person to fall in love. Have fun!

Game-Play Features:

♥ Universal app, works best on any Android device including tabs

♥ Classic otome, visual novel game-play

♥ Amazing love story with handsome musician characters

♥ Cool graphics with stunning pictures of handsome musicians

♥ Romantic movie-quality soundtrack to listen

♥ Free to download and play

♥ You can actually listen the music played in the story
♥ You control what happens next in Underlove Stories : Naomi
♥ Especially designed for music lovers
♥ 100% in English

You must give a try to “Underlove Stories : Naomi” if you like visual novels, listen to music and you think you can make the right choices in this roleplaying girl otome game. Hire some handsome musicians for your company and fall in love with someone you like. The game is free to play, you’ll get 300 action points daily to use and read the story. However, you have the option to purchase the action points if you want to read more. Good Luck!

Please leave us a review and rating to let us know what you think about this girl game. We at Tictales always want to continue to deliver some of the best romantic otome games. We’ll use your feedback to make your experience better when you play “Underlove Stories : Naomi” next time. Thanks!

Underlove Stories : Naomi APK reviews

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Ashley Compeau review Ashley Compeau
Good stories
Love it so far!
Nurfadzillah Ismail review Nurfadzillah Ismail
Nice storyline
Still prefer Rising Lovers than this, but oh well, I'll give this a chance since it is still new. Loving the never ending dramas involved. Best of luck, guys! (:
Chantelle Brown review Chantelle Brown
Unless you pay for the game you get less than 3 minutes of play. I prefer creating my own character and immersing myself into a story. The artwork is beautiful but the time it takes to finish a chapter is a major turn off.
April Fleming review April Fleming
Good stuff lags a bit, and if you get impatient and double tap you can miss a window but all good.
TK Nelson review TK Nelson
Good story - wish I could continue
Entertaining story with unique plot perspective. I'm halfway through chapter 2 but need in game currency to continue. Anyway to read on for free?
Erica Jackson review Erica Jackson
Just downloaded this game and it's telling me it can't connect to the server... right off the bat.
What I Think Of The Game Is Like Is Not A Game Is Reality To Me Like I Am In The Game Or The Game Is Real I Would Like More Games
I really love romance movies and story's n games they are so sweet
Bambi Melton review Bambi Melton
Thank you for fixing the problem
I'm so happy you guys finally fixed the white screen problem. I got to finally played the game today. I love it. Keep up the great work.
Miss Eve Ville review Miss Eve Ville
Inaccurate portrayal of New York
I'm not sure if the developers of this game have actually been to NY...but it definitely doesn't seem like it based on their background settings and story information.
Charlotte Lewis review Charlotte Lewis
Would love to change to 5 stars
It's broken down. Just a white screen
Nora Izeboudjen review Nora Izeboudjen
Needs fixing
Opened the app and there's just a white screen. Can you fix this bug plz?
Destiny Creasong review Destiny Creasong
Won't work
I click to open and it stays at a white screen
Asanda Vilakazi review Asanda Vilakazi
Keep up the good work. Pls make more and also pls extend the number of touch for the stories. Thanks
lieke wielen review lieke wielen
Love it
I just love this game!! Nothing else to say really