Truck Evolution : WildWheels APK

Truck Evolution : WildWheels
Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 1Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 2Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 3Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 4Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 5Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 6Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 7Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 8Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 9Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 10Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 11Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 12Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 13Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 14Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 15Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 16Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 17Truck Evolution : WildWheels screenshot 18
Truck Evolution : WildWheels 1.0.4 apk, update on 2017-01-17
First version of Truck Driver series was downloaded by *30 Million* people all around the world.

Longing is over! Truck Driver is with you with the new version!

New Physics Engine: You will feel closest to real simulation in top level with improved physical engine.

•Unrivaled New Style: Along with new and endless story mode, unique and different 8 atmosphere is waiting to be discovered. Adventure is waiting for you in real weather conditions are fully reflected to your vehicle with all its feeling.

•Here are Field Monsters: 7 different types of vehicles, that are superior between each other, have specific power system, suspension structures, traction types.

•4 Different Game Modes: Excitement awaits you in all kinds with Career, Time Challenge, Free Mode and Multiplayer.

•3 Different Multiplayer Mode Awaits You

Experience 3 different game modes in top level with people you don’t know from all around the world, your friends and family or people around you that plays the game but you don’t know!

• Real Time Multiplayer - Finishing Race: Race with others with your current vehicle and earn bitcoins and purchase better vehicles.

• Real Time Multiplayer - Relay Race: It doesn’t matter either your speed or finishing first, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t go to finish line without flag! Hit your rival and capture the flag and go!

• Real Time Multiplayer - Sky Derby: There is an arena and one salvation in the sky, send your opponent down from the sky and stay alive!


•15 different realistic weather condition
•Obvious effect of driving experience in all weather conditions
•New physical engine with its specific features of each car
•Get your crane and don’t get stuck in anywhere
•4 different game modes and endless level system in offline mode
•Race with people all around the world with multiplayer option
•Find yourself rivals in close range with find people around me feature.
•Great realistic vehicle and atmosphere sounds

You can deliver us all suggestions without hesitation. Your idea is important than anything!

Truck Evolution : WildWheels APK reviews

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Maxim M review Maxim M
Doesnt work on Meizu mx4
Black picture with game logo
Great Game 😊
Josiano Edwards review Josiano Edwards
Garam Aanday review Garam Aanday
Too big
Size is too big and it is slow..
AndroGaming review AndroGaming
Nice Graphics!!
I will share it on my YouTube channel...
Jamez Rowland review Jamez Rowland
First person
satish kumar review satish kumar
Level 5 problem
Level 5 is very difficult and also buggy .Road markings ,height of cliffs are not clear.Please update the level.
shubham kumbhar review shubham kumbhar
Good but
After level failed the watch botton doesn't work at all.plz fix this i will give 5 stars
Cyril Cyrillus review Cyril Cyrillus
Nice game but..
I try using special setting but the game reset to medium setting..are this bug or what??My device Pepsi p1s 8 core 2 ram
Beryl review Beryl
you must get it now but,fc on mp
Nicolas Ferrao review Nicolas Ferrao
Abre e depois fecha errumen isso
Mohd Zulrafee review Mohd Zulrafee
keep crash
louis mincey review louis mincey
You have no headlights something you can't even see the road and the phone vibrates