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About this product

Get access to travels, expenses, timesheet and payslips - wherever you are.

Tripletex description

Tripletex is a modern and user friendly accounting system which enables you to get full overview of your finances. Combine different modules to tailor the system to fit your business. With the Tripletex app you get access to time sheet registration, payslips, open travels and expenses, anytime and anywhere.

The app has several smart time-saving features, including:
- Track your hours anytime, anywhere
- Download your payslips
- Save time with automatic interpretation of receipts
- Send pictures to the voucher reception and document reception in Tripletex
- Create and send in travels and expenses on the go
- Start your drive and get your mileage allowance calculated for you
- Log into multiple companies
- Simple login with Face ID or Touch ID
And much more - new functionality is launched on a continuous basis!

The Tripletex app simplifies everyday life and is free for all Tripletex users.

Read more about Tripletex on tripletex.no
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