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About this product

Enjoy Tonk Indian Rummy game with exciting emoji and fun live chat with friends

Tonk - Indian Rummy description

Play Tonk Indian Rummy game free with your family, and friends at any time, anywhere in the world. It is also known as tunk card games. It is a popular form of rummy and similar to Gin Rummy Online, Rumi, and Rami. In Tonk five cards are dealt with each player.

How will you get extra chips with the Tonk - Indian Rummy game?

1) Initial Chips: Download tonk now and get 10,000 chips FREE!
2) Daily Chips: Get more FREE BONUS chips than any other game.
3) Magic box: Every few minutes you will get free chips from the magic box.
4) Weekly Winner Chips: Get Millions of Chips every week by participating in a Weekly Contest!

Special Features of Tonk - Indian Rummy :-

➜ VIP Center : It is the New Rewards System of Tonk Online. There are several Unique levels in the Vip center, You can earn VIP Points by playing games, leveling up, and buying chips. Moving into higher Vip levels will give you bigger benefits in the Game.
➜ Play With Friends: Locate your friends and join their table with a simple click of a button in this 2 - 3 player tonk game.
➜ Tournaments: Select your desired boot table in tonk, Compete with players, & Win.
➜ Play on Table: Create your tonk table & play with your invited friends.
➜ Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun.
➜ Theme Store: You can use Cards & Backgrounds from the VIP store of Tonk - Indian Rummy games.
➜ Leaderboards: The players with the highest chips will top the Leaderboard in Tonk - Indian Rummy.

Tonk - Indian Rummy Objective:-

The goal of the tonk multiplayer is to get rid of all of your cards by spreading SETS/SEQUENCE or HITTING your opponent's spread.
Tonk - Indian Rummy is a fast-paced multiplayer card game that can be played by 2 players or 3 players

How to play Tonk - Indian Rummy online with unique modes?

There are basically two modes in tonk game :

➯ Knock Mode: The player can tap on a knock and end the game anytime they want. If the Player has low points compared to the opponent then you will win. If a Player has high points compared to your opponent, then you have to give a penalty for the same.
➯ No-Knock Mode: Players won’t be able to knock when they wish. To win tonk, They have to Spread or Hit and get rid of all cards.

Get Socialize and Make new friends with Tonk Online

The best part of the Tonk multiplayer card game is you can make in-game buddies. Send requests to your friend and then play at any table by inviting them, you can communicate with your friends with exciting “Chat” options. If your friends are playing at another table then you can join that table with a single click.

Download Tonk - Indian Rummy Now Tonk - Indian Rummy is a fun, addictive, challenging, and timeless online rummy game. This tonk card game will give you endless fun for FREE!
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