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LG Tone & Talk apk, update on 2019-08-14
Renewal Tone & Talk™ enhanced functions from BT Reader Plus.

1. Main Features
- Reading SMS, MMS, Wechat, message from messenger and SNS applications
- Check battery level of headset
- Change the setting of voice prompt language on the headset to other languages
- Guide for headset button functions

* Please allow Tone & Talk “Notification access” in Android settings so you can use Voice notification.
settings -> security -> Notification access

2. Supported models
- Mono : HBM-216, HBM-260, HBM-280, HBM-290
Stereo : HBS-600, HBS-700, HBS-730, HBS-750, HBS-760, HBS-770, HBS-800, HBS-801, HBS-810, HBS-850, HBS-900, HBS-910, HBS-1100, HBS-A80, HBS-A100, HBS-820S, HBS-780, HBS-920, HBS-F110

* Devices not on the list are not supported.

3. Keywords
LG, Bluetooth, Tone & Talk, SMS reader

* Voice memo may not function properly on some devices.
* Music playback control may not function properly on Galaxy Note5.
* App may not function properly on some devices which are not set Google TTS.

**This app uses Accessibility services.

LG Tone & Talk APK reviews

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Mark Stockton review Mark Stockton
Good stuff
Using the Tone Infinim and so far in very pleased. The fifth star is reserved for a battery readout in the Tone & Talk notification banner. Only feature I'm missing.
Matt Cohen review Matt Cohen
Piece of crap
Well this is just as useless as the other apps Won't even open so now I have a useless headset to return.
Jason Schrader review Jason Schrader
It has potential
I like the idea of having my messages read to me, it's really convenient, but I found a bug. I use Google Hangouts for SMS and any SMS message I receive gets read to me twice, once for SMS and once for Hangouts SMS. Is there any way to limit this to one? Otherwise I love the app and would be willing to rate it higher if this feature was fixed.
Raymond Sternadel review Raymond Sternadel
It'd be great if it worked properly
The messages are read twice and sometimes three times in a row. It's really distracting and annoying. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times as well as trying other versions but nothing has made a difference.
Anthony Gaudin review Anthony Gaudin
Andrew Wright review Andrew Wright
Not working anymore
Used to work great until the last update.
Leah Morrow review Leah Morrow
Does not pair
Point blank
Marc Woods review Marc Woods
It repeats
Whenever I get a message, it says it twice in a row.
Brandon Frank review Brandon Frank
Doesn't work on LG 900
Victoria Anderson review Victoria Anderson
Will not work with Bluetooth lg tones 750 series. App will scan and pair but will not read sms txts like before.
Andre Backus review Andre Backus
Sucks here too
Still the same problem, cannot select or change anything in the app.
John McGuire review John McGuire
It's been a while... Why can't you fix it
It doesn't work.. If I could give it no stars I would
Shawn Hunte review Shawn Hunte
Doesn't work.
Will not read out text messages after update.
Michael Scott review Michael Scott
Release notes?
So annoying when apps push out updates and don't state what they are for...
Jason Kart review Jason Kart
Eh... needs work. Hangouts only reads SMS
My big thing is that it only reads SMS in hangouts, not the actual Google hangout messaging. My business uses the hangouts as an internal messenger, so it won't read these messages. Weird because it is in the same app. Please let the data delivered messages be read please!